Philippine DUCATI Weekend 2014

Posted: 11/26/2014 in DUCATI, LifeStyle, Moto Bike


SEE YOU SOON at Clark International Speedway…


Philippine DUCATI Weekend 2014 happened at Clark International Speedway last November 22-23, 2014.

Different Ducati model we’re viewed to this event and it was attended by the Ducati Club /  Ducati Philippines.

I myself as a rider preferred to have ducati as my best ride with 1001 pogi points.

Watch Philippine DUCATI Weekend 2014

After a good wonderful experience, watching how Ducati do the math in racing it’s kinda rush..


The Cast of Ducati Philippines and the umbrella girls…

Media booth are placed at almost at the end of the events place, strategically our place is a sniper place! why? coz from this point it will give a view point on who you will target to photo shoot if and only if you have long range of dslr lens or a perfect birds / fish eye view to cover the events place only here at clark international speedway, where big bikes race and have fun…   

Presscon with Carlos Sheca at Fontana Club House.

Attending a presscon with Carlos Sheca is pretty exciting coz you will feel how he started in using ducati big bikes, and now that he is the Ducati Champ back in Italy

And having a 17yo Ducati Bike user is kinda encouraging to us to test and drive the one of the luxury big bike ever here in the philippines. I am a big bike fan and an owner, but when you say Ducati it will give you a 1001 pogi points.


Bloggers enjoyed and had fun to the Ducati Philippines 2014 Event at Fontana – Ducati Party 2014 together with my Sony AS100 Actioncam connected to my ZTE V967S mobile phone.

What’s best is that bloggers here at Philippine Ducati 2014 enjoyed and had fun, good experience that will count to our simple lifestyle.

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With my official umbrella girl let her be yours during the event… 




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