The NEW Tanduay Cover Girl 2015…

Posted: 12/07/2014 in Celebrity talks, Entertainment, LifeStyle

jen_matador new

Jennylyn’s most favorites photo shoot for tanduay calendar.


The country’s foremost rhum makers, Tanduay Distillers, unveil the latest Filipina beauty to grace their calendars, billboards, and posters—actress and athlete Jennylyn Mercado.

Among the most sought-after celebrities in GMA’s stable of talents, Jennylyn has starred in numerous television dramas, the most recent of which are Second Chances and Rhodora X, as well as many movies. The upcoming comedy, English Only Please, will see her star in an important role. She has also been a recording artist, her debut solo album Living the Dream having reached certified platinum status in 2004 and followed by four more albums, the latest being Never Alone released just this year.


In the midst of acting, singing, and hosting duties, Jennylyn also performs as a triathlete. As a woman of strength, she has dedicated much of her time to the advancement of women’s rights, having even worked with the country’s most well-known organization advocating for women’s issues, GABRIELA.

Add to these the multitude of award nominations in her belt—standouts of which are for Best Television Host (2011,, People’s Choice for Best Actress (2006, Metro Manila Film Festival), and Best Supporting Actress (2005, Gawad Tanglaw Awards) which she all won—Jennylyn emerges hands-down a role model for Filipino women.


And with her breathtaking physique, acquired through rigorous training and constant exercise, it is no wonder that she figures not only among women’s most idolized celebrities, but also among men’s most desired.

With her achievements, Jennylyn has acquired a status impossible for the great talent scouts of Tanduay Distillers to ignore. Known for acknowledging great Filipino talents, Tanduay takes pride in partnering with this world-class Filipina icon, who in 2014 and throughout 2015 celebrates with them 160 years of being a world-class Filipino icon themselves.


Begun in 1854, Tanduay has earned the distinction of being one of the finest and most sophisticated rhums around the world—and global sophistication is truly one of the traits Jennylyn represents for the brand.


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