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Posted: 12/17/2014 in Advocacy, Feng Shui, LifeStyle

Predictions for 2015 The Year of the Wood Sheep

2014 has been a year of turmoil. It belongs to the Wood Horse, an animal that’s aggressive and fast-moving. Under the Wood Horse, wars and terrorist movements dominated the international headlines. Here in the Philippines, controversial findings involving prominent political figures came into the spotlight. We experienced extreme hot weather, while crimes involving bloodshed, robbery and accidents with our public commuter systems caused great concern among Filipinos. Global health scares like the Ebola virus have threatened us as well.

According to Asia’s youngest Feng Shui master, Master Hanz Cua:

2015, The year of the Wood Sheep in Chinese Zodiac is represented by the benign and spiritual characteristics of the lamb, a gentle creature who grazes on grass and abhors bloodshed. The Feng Shui chart has all the Five Elements (Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth) in proper balance, heralding a more harmonious year. Yin Metal supports the Earth which is a resource element so there will be a boost of prosperity for our nation’s economy. The gentle nature of the Sheep will even influence local politics. Our leaders will work together more, and internal strife will decrease.

This year’s lucky color is green, which is very good for bringing luck in business. Wearing red and yellow this year is very auspicious. It will enhance power and influence and bring recognition luck. Those under the astrological sign of the Tiger and the Rabbit, will enjoy good fortune this year. So will the Horse, who is best friends with the Sheep.

Wear gold jewelry on your body to attract abundance and profitable opportunities.

Businesses with the Wood element will flourish. Industries that deal in textile, fashion, paper, rubber, and wood will benefit in 2015. Because Fire element is nourished by Wood, industries like restaurants, technology, computers and electronic gadgets, electrical suppy, solar power and businesses that involve thinking, invention and new ideas will all be highly profitable.

North is the lucky direction in 2015. If your front door is located in the northern or Kan sector of the Bagua it is highly auspicious. Use this door often. Blue or black is the color of North, a welcome mat in this color will enhance luck. In the Northwest sits the lucky "star of romance", and this brings romance luck for single people; for those men already married or in committed relationship, however, the star of romance may be problematic. The temptation to stray from your partner may be strong.

While we can take advantage of the good tidings the Wood Sheep brings, Master Hanz cautions there are still things we need to watch out for:

The West Falls under the dreaded Five Yellow Misfortune Star. In the home or workplace, the Western sector is to be avoided as this brings total loss, sickness and accidents. Do not work on important projects, make renovations or sleep in this direction if possible.

Southeast is where the "illness star" is located this year. For people with illness or health issues, and for pregnant women, staying in the southeastern sector of the home should be avoided. The condition of the sick may get worse, pregnant mothers may suffer miscarriage. The Argument Star #3 Star sits in the center of the home, afflicting relationships in the family. Master Hanz advises placing rose quartz or red stone in the middle of the home to dispel conflict and aggression.

For those under the astrological signs of the Rat and Rooster, they will be afflicted in the year of the Wood Sheep. While the gentle Sheep’s nature calms everyone, there is a danger that too much calm will turn people complacent or even lazy. Remember that hard work and determination is still important if you want your endeavors to be successful.

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during the time when Mstr. Hanz is discussing thing sabout Feng Shui thoughts pop in my minds, is he ligit to say things and that about your life or he is just doing this for a living?

But for more than 20mins of listening to Mstr. Hanz I found out that he serious about Feng Shui-as he said there are a lot of Feng Shui Master, but only few are knowledgeable and certified to give you answered about your future.

It takes time to be a Feng Shui Master, study about it are not enough rather you need to be open and ready to see things that are not being seen by an ordinary human being.   

Visit Master Hanz at EDSA Shangrila Mall and know your future…

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