Tree Top Adventure…

Posted: 01/15/2015 in LifeStyle, Management, Sports, Theme Park


This would be a great adventure to everyone…

Testing my Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V on our way to subic while my co passenger’s are out to their comfort zone.


Their back including our excellent driver, covered view and up closed photo shoot inside the toyota grandia with my sony action cam hdr-as100v.


Briefing time at the conference of Tree Top Adventure in Jest Camp Area, Subic.


One of the 12 courses for team building only here at Tree Top Adventure.

Another course for team building, minimum group of four that you need to balance your selves in order to finish the course. No cheating coz this is equipped with mechanical balancer, once the balance is correct then the light will on.


Have fun on dancing with the dance mat for a maximum group of 8, once all of you dance all together with the right steps then this course will give an excellent results.

last course of the 12 courses is called Team Wall, this wall is more than a maze with a group of 8 all of you must pass thru this wall meaning all you of you will climb to this wall in order to finish the 12 courses of the extreme team building here in Tree Top Adventure.

1601484_978669922146585_3245965748182494661_n 10934062_978671035479807_4397698946750059350_n

Tree Drop station, you will be drop in 70feet high just like Tom Cruise in the movie of Mission Impossible or so called in advance course of rappelling Spider Drop with your hands controlling from your back.


With all the effort and time wasted to this 12 courses in Tree Top Adventure a Certificate of Completion will be given to you.


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If you are looking for a excellent place for totally different way bonding with your family or friends, out of town with adrenaline rush and just a couple of hours drive. I strongly recommend the Tree Top Adventure in Jest Camp Area Subic. Here a totally different way closeness will develop each member of the family or friends. 

Tallest tree ever are seen here only at Tree Top Adventure.


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