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Posted: 03/31/2015 in Bloggers Event, Book Launch

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Law of Leverage was first published in 2005 by the Levier Publishing House. It aims to give a solution to every Filipino’s financial problem including ignorance of the stock market, low savings rate, and mishandling of money. Rane A. Panaligan, the author, paved the way for these problems to be solved by writing the book and making it a system of its own. As a system, Law of Leverage does not only educate people through the book but also through seminars, events, and workshops that will give further education to the readers. Law of Leverage’s vision is to establish a community of like-minded individuals who continuously learn by experience and application of the principles in the book. This book deals with wealth and life-building principles that will lead you to a better projection of goals. For a holistic experience, the book is designed to improve a person’s mentality, character, relationships, and spirituality.


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This book will…

•Teach you the principles that will govern wealth building.

•Reveal the secrets of world’s self-made billionaires.

•Help you to become financially literate.


Law of Leverage is comprised of in-depth wealth building principles, methods and system that provide practical ideas and awareness to every individuals and entrepreneurs. It is published to change more lives towards financial and time freedom.


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6. Goal Setting Worksheet 7 Habits of Rich People

One of which that we need to learn most is all about our financial freedom, how do we FREE ourselves to some credits by using our Credit Card’s. Some of us or soon will be under the spell of Credit Cards, specially when you get in to any field of what we say WORK or JOB. Work and Job is a good words that we like to hear, but what if you JOB define as “ Just Over Broke “ meaning your salary passes to your wallet of pocket and just a few minutes you need to pay your credit cards. Having a credit cards is not a status symbol nor making you a pogi points rather it’s good to hold credit cards if and only if you know how to handle it.

And this Law of Leverage is the right time to enter and apply to everyone’s lifestyle, Law of Leverage will teach you on how to handle or manage your financial freedom and income. And how to save more money than to spend more than what you’ve earned.

I’ve been attending seminars about management and information technology, one of the most that i like is Leveraging your TIME and MONEY. I’m not saying that we need to praise money and earn more money from different job or side lines or part time job’s, rather save more money than spending too much.

   Before you spend money you need to know on Why and Where you will spend your money, you also need to set Goals on spending your Money, you also need to consider why rich people are getting richer and how they spend money wisely by following The 7 Money Habits of Truly Rich People;

1.  They Value It , 2.  They Make It,  3.  They Manage It, 4.  They Save It, 5.  They Shield It, 7.  They Share It.

Grab yourself a book of The Law of Leverage and learn more about your financial freedom by Rene A. Panaligan, CPA.



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