Apag Marangle

Posted: 05/18/2015 in Food & Beverage, Restaurant


This is a unusual way of serving in Apag Marangle Makati Branch, but since we all had a showcase of meal the owner decided to have it like a buddle fight or simply how Filipino share a food. The usual way of having this kind eating is during fiesta or on special occasions. I don’t do bare hand eating but because of these i used my hand and start to clean the food in front of me- ( Tapat mo Linis mo, ika nga ) – ( Kasalanan ni Cherry and Arni ito at pinag kamay ako… :)).



Mouth watering food are here and ready to serve, kapampangan food are one of the best food ever that i have. I remember when i was young my grandma used to cook food that is not usual on an every day meal on our table, but every time i visited my grandma in her house she cooked food for me. My cooking habit was an influence from my grandma coz she cooked very well, my grandma used to say that the special ingredients is LOVE. You don’t cook because it’s your job, but because you love what you do and you love to share it to your family. My grandma is also a kapampangan just like Apag Marangle Restaurant.

10429850_10204239808421229_6310037945316066520_n 10985261_10204239733819364_1774241325524927076_n

People behind Apag Marangle Kapampangan restaurant, who also share their love in cooking and without any knowledge about restaurant perse, and yet Apag Marangle who started in Bakolor Pampangga now extended their kitchen to Park Square, Makati City.

DSC02771 DSC02784

DSC02811 DSC02803

Mouth watering meal are all prepared with TLC, and they will only prepare the food when you order it which one of the reasons why it will take time before you have it.






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A Pre Mother’s Day Celebration with my wife, and witness how kapampangan restaurant serve their legacy food. We both enjoyed our meal and super busog up to dinner time.

Thank you to Cherry and Arnie for inviting us to this event though i don’t do bare hands eating, Cherry and Arnie make me do it.



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