Philpop 2015 Album launch…

Posted: 06/22/2015 in LifeStyle


When the Philpop Foundation announced the 12 finalist of the 4th Philippine Popular Music Festival last May, one thing that easily stood out is the diversity of the entries not just because of the intriguing mix of seasoned and up-and-coming song writers but also in terms of selected tunes’ style, themes and genres.

This year line up of interpreters for the countries premiere song writing competitions is just as intriguing. There are established names and rising sensations but there are also some must-hear combinations.

Easily the most familiar acts to old the new music fans are the groups Side A and the Company. As one of the country’s top pop bands. Side A has been making beautiful music for the last tree decades and will interpret “ For The Rest of My Life “which also happen to be written by their bass player, Ned Esguerra.    

Like Side A, The Company is also celebrating their 30th year in the industry. Dubbed as “The Philippines’ Premiere Vocal Ensembles,” the group has been selected to interpret Paul Armesian’s soaring inspirational entry. “Tanging Pag-Asa Ko”.


Philipop 2015 12 Finalist Writer and Interpreter / Singer….  

DSC03483 DSC03482

Together with Mr. C and host









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