Black Fabio in his Axe Big Difference

Posted: 06/30/2015 in Celebrity talks, Fashion, NEWs Update


Brazilian model Fabio Ide adds yet another club in his roster of already popular establishments for the hip, young and happening crowd.

Teaming up with BNO’s Sam YG, both men are set to launch a bespoke concept pop up bar at The Palace for the new Axe Black fragrance where the methods stylishly understated men can hang out in.


Brapanese model/actor Fabio Ide is putting up pop-up bars in The Palace that include an atelier, cigar room, haberdashery, cocktail bar, champagne bar, tequila bar, and whisky bar “The entire look and feel of the pop up bar will be in tune with the personality of the Axe Black man,” says Fabio.

The new fragrance from Axe is “very light compared to other fragrances and complements the person in a way that it gives character,” says Fabio, describing the understated Axe Black scent that advocates Less Effort, More Style.

As part owner of The Palace, Fabio knows a thing or two about bars, and is looking forward to surprising attendees with something out of the ordinary. Something to look forward to is the whiskey, tequila and champagne bar as well as a haberdasher and cigar room.

This Axe Black pop up bar will be launched on June 30. Guests will have a chance to see a whole new side of the Palace Pool Club.

“We’re going to create an ambiance that is… cozy, very relaxing, with the pool and the sounds of the water.”

The Pool Club will have 12 Cabanas and each cabana will have a diffuser set with essential oils from the Axe Black fragrance. Each  Cabana will have a different theme so that guests can explore and find a space that suits them best.

The outdoor pool lounge will allow you to enjoy your single malt while smoking a cigar in a breathable space. Fabio also has a specially concocted drink for the Axe Black pop up bar called the Brazilian Fizz, a light and citrus beverage suitable for the poolside theme.


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