The Difference of #AxeBlackFabio

Posted: 07/04/2015 in Body Care, Celebrity talks, Entertainment, Fashion, LifeStyle

A thanks giving party of Brazilian Hot Commercial Model and Celebrity Ambassador Fabio to his friends and online writers who vividly support him in his career race here in the Philippines. A thanks giving party at Valkery Pool side last june 30, 2015.


I am not a night party goers yet i do appreciate the classic black hue of each dress and black tops, some are in black shorts and black tops and some are in Shorty black dress. Fabio are in white v-neck shirt and black casual jacket and black walking shorts.

And since this is a #AxeBlackFabio everyone had fun with ice cream, brandy, wine and beers of course mini burger and tacos are served together with an open bar beverages. 

988568_966130216764544_3618500885456293348_n 11403383_966130546764511_4125254074047578501_n      

Open bar to all guest of #AxeBlackFabio, with all of those beverage to enjoyed. What else does it make all the guest but headache and fun with Fabio.

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What is cool in this event is that you are not just going to be with fabio for party or being his guest is that you get the chance to do axe cigar, axe atelier, axe barber and axe massage which is fabio’s normal activity. How lucky we are did we…

11403024_966133490097550_203511248566974841_n 11401262_966131650097734_8114468241237873719_n 11666163_966132036764362_3837982835952008600_n 

Other celebrities are here too, to celebrate fabio’s success and greatness. In which with their busy schedule, they oath to celebrate with us.


The Big Difference Communications Team are also here to celebrate too with Fabio’s success in show business and as a Celebrity Ambassador of Axe Black. 

11659430_966130580097841_8935157266966930057_n 11666022_1082735401740036_7666316381861558845_n

Thank you to Fabio for inviting us and be in your personal guest list partnered with the big difference communication, to witness the success and a simple lifestyle of fabio here in the Philippines.

The Greatness of one celebrity is not an overnight task rather it’s within yourself and how you’ve been brought up. Mistakes are not Failure rather take it as a part of your growing attitude and never take the same mistake, this is why successful people take this mistake not a failure, but an opportunity evolve.




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Get ready for another Axe Black Pop-Up bar!

Watch out for ‪#‎AxeBlackFrank‬‘s Pop-Up bar this July 22, as he transforms the Mind Museum into a place of ‪#‎LessEffortMoreStyle‬.

Get a chance to be part of this exclusive event. Sign up at





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