Pair of Lions Kept as Pet….

Posted: 07/06/2015 in LifeStyle

Pair of Lion Cabs kept as pet by the GAZA Family who arrived in Jordan for final destination. 


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Two young lions that had been kept as pets in a Gaza refugee camp traveled Sunday to Jordan where their final destination will be a wildlife sanctuary.

A Gaza family had bought the lions as cubs from a local zoo that was damaged in last year’s war between Israel and Gaza’s rulers from the Islamic militant Hamas group. The family kept Mona and Max in their small home in the crowded Rafah refugee camp.

Friendly they are…

Friendly as it seems coz as young as they are being brought with the gaza family they are expose in the environment of the humans and this is why these two lions are already tamed and can go along with, but of course the lion’s instinct is still there and when you try to harm them they will protect themselves…

The Master and a Servant… back in the old days where roman empire are the one leading the world Lion’s are at their side of the King Throne…

Ibrahim Al-Jamal, 17, kisses Max, the male lion cub, while sitting inside a car in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip. Saduldin al-Jamal had bought the cubs from the Gaza zoo, hit during last summer’s Israel-Hamas war. His family would take them to parks or the beach and children — those brave enough — would come up to pet them.

Lion cabs are playful just like our domestic pets such as dogs and cat…

Lions are the King of Jungle and no one in the jungle can beat them this is why they are cold blooded. Lions eat only what they can consume for their good diet and they don’t eat much as, they like fresh meets and drink cold water in the clean river. But if we brought and grow them in the urban what lifestyle doe the lions can have? 

Will they survive the urban life?


Image result for The Lion King  Image result for The Lion King 

Image result for The Lion King Image result for The Lion King




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