Raffles and Commencement Exercise…

Posted: 07/06/2015 in LifeStyle


Raffles on Final Runway, Basic communication of Commencement Exercise are totally big difference with Raffles Design Institute on their Graduation Show & Exhibition 2015 at the Pool side of Mandarin Hotel, Makati City.

This is a unique experience with Raffles Design Institute coz runway are for professional designers, but with raffles design institute runway is their finals to be consider graduate.


Students from Raffles Design Institute taking selpi as they are recognized graduates of raffles design institute. Few but competitive in their industry and their diploma are recognized international, their skills and communication are competitive too. Due to a unique curriculums and academic strategy, raffles manage to handle students like them to increase their steam in their field.


This wedding gown gives me and my wife attention coz it’s simplicity and elegant look that reflects how beautiful the bride is, i used to design gowns during the college days and one of my design is my wife wedding gown innovatively from the wedding magazine that we use to look for and have it created with one of the best gown maker in bulacan.


Another kind of fashion design that catches me and my wife attention made by one of the graduates of raffles design institute, simplicity yet eye catcher design with a very unique materials that made this look like modern jane. I like it for pantulog for my wife and pajama party to go with.


Another design of one of the students of raffles design institute that gives life innovatively. A design that can be one of the instruments for music and design to the living room. What makes most out of it is that these are made in bamboo and a recycled materials.













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On behalf of the Group of online writers together with The Big Difference Communications who invited us to witness the Raffles Design Institute Manila Graduation Show & Exhibition 2015, Thank you for enhancing and innovatively producing Filipino in the field of fashion and design competitively.

Kudos to Raffles Design Institute Manila…   



Raffles Design Institute, Manila The Big Difference Communications 





LarawanAtKape online magazine support Raffles Design Institute program and academic affairs. Me and with my most critic in online magazine my wife, thumbs up to Raffles Design Institute Manila.


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