Italian Cuisine at Chateau Hestia

Posted: 07/15/2015 in Food & Beverage, Health Updates, LifeStyle, Restaurant


We Filipinos loves to eat and we easily judge our food, why because our taste buds probably better than the other raises. We also loved to cook and we even experiment them on how to prepare it. In Chateau Hestia Café served food excellent, why because of the chef dictates a quality taste and competitive presentation.


I loved breakfast, One meal that I can’t skip off is my breakfast. I can skip my lunch or having late lunch as long as had my breakfast properly. I remember I had the same breakfast back in hong kong. Almost exact the same preparation, but the Big Difference is that all the garnish are edible and it’s all been groaned only from preferred farm nearby the café.


Chef Natalie is very delicate to every ingredients and meal to what chateau hestia café being served as much as possible chef natalie preferred all organic and chemical spray. This is why chef natalie likes to walk around within the vicinity where chateau hestia café is located. And whenever there is an opportunity to buy an organic fruits or vegetable she will buy it without a second thought.

IMG_20150710_210804 IMG_20150710_211215

In Chateau Hestia Café imported wine’s are readily available and even imported beers in your choice are also available at the store. Furthermore is a one time shop before checking inn at your preferred casa.


Cheese of different kind from other country are available for you mouth watering taste, sausages are also available for your meal. Imported food like this are less sodium or we all know as preservatives.


Steak – will give you an options on how would you like it to serve, Sausages – are in different variety according to your taste and Soup – served with care in an elegant bowl. So much for that, I suggest that visit Chateau Hestia at Silang Cavite, spend a wild weekend and make a comment here to my blog.


Visit the other story side of Casa Chateau Hestia just click the link below;




Photo at Chateau Hestia wine store, the night we arrived. Big thanks to cherry for the photo and to the TBDC Team for making this blogger event wonderful at Chateau Hestia in Silang, Cavite.

Thank you to Chef Natalie for the wonderful weekend, on our Pasta And Pizza making enjoyed it so much. Tour in the farm is a wonderful experience.


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