HATTENDO Cream Buns….

Posted: 09/16/2015 in Food & Beverage, HATTENDO

Have you ever experience eating a bread spread with ice cream? during my younger years my friends used to invite me to buy a bread with ice cream, at first I never thought that is yummy and good to have until such I tried it once. And that one time experience extend till present, whenever I saw a sorbitero or a dirty ice cream as we used to say passing by the street I never failed to have one.

Just this mid year of 2015 I was invited to attend a party at urban bar in bonifacio global city for food taste and so I was curious what was it, a friend explained it to me in an easiest way for me to understand or in a layman’s term “Tinapay na Palaman ay Ice Cream from japan” so therefore kahit malayo yung place I attended the party not because I am too curious and eager to taste it, but because a PR Friend invited me.

And when I look at it, the packaging is freezing and once told me that “It’s Best Eaten when is Chilled” hmmm ibang kalse dapat talaga freezing. So without any doubt I tasted it and I almost drop it sa sarap, the Bun’s is very soft and the cream inside is even softer that is best when is chilled talaga. This food called HATTENDO Cream Buns with different flavor to choose from we have it MATCHA which a fave flavor of early twenties mostly young ladies in a career mode, CHOCOLATE flavor in which some kids loved it and even mom’s like Eens, CUSTARD I know one lady whenever she have this flavor she will definitely eat only the cream and not the buns, WHIP CREAM is one of the best seller in the store, AZUKI RED BEAN fav of all time by the older age,


Hattendo cream buns have been gone to some events and sponsoring buns during coffee break snacks and for tasting in some events together with The Big Difference Communications Team.


Bloggers are gathered together for HATTENDO Bloggers Event over dinner at Bubbletea Café together with the owner of Hattendo and Founder of The Big Difference Communications. In this simple dinner Hattendo Cream Buns was introduce to the bloggers and QnA with the owner, what we did enjoy to this simple gathering is that our pauso na tinapay palaman ice cream was innovated in Tokyo, Japan and they called it Hattendo Cream Buns. Now we can enjoy our ice cream in buns with Hattendo Cream Buns.

IMG_20150827_190936  11923238_10153547255354556_2943566600337504731_n

Hattendo Cream Buns is best eaten while is chilled together with your favorite coffee “Hot or Iced”, as I spend my day having my first cup of iced coffee I paired it with hattendo custard flavor it’s neutralized the bitterness of the coffee and the mild taste of hattendo cream buns.

11891227_10204854206100787_6831556963869408047_n IMG_20150818_101701   

Hattendo Cream Buns also partnered with Open World Event in Rockwell and in AIM, Open World is two days digital management workshop and I can say that I enjoyed attending to this event.

IMG_20150818_184120 IMG_20150818_184054

Hattendo Cream Buns sharing with the Facebook Pinoy Blogger Community at Misono Japanese Restaurant with Tag Media CEO Engr. Grace Bondad-Nicolas during the Kpop presscon.


11892264_1649109478704936_7805595956328328827_n (1) 11755909_1639659696316581_4608047825193389672_n 10931036_953770631310209_2804913217337835634_n


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