Feiyue is now a casual shoe brand…

Posted: 10/07/2015 in LifeStyle

If you were in the Power Plant Mall during the holidays last year, you would not have missed the attractive pop-up store of sneaker brand, Feiyue. It showcased nicely designed pairs, a good variety of styles, like this pair which caught my eye. I loved how the canvass and rubber co-existed so well on this pair and found out that this design is part of a Feiyue collab line with Agnes B. feiyue

They also had really nice leather sneakers like these which caught the eye of the teen in my family…


and it was a great discovery to find they carried kids sizes too. Check out these super cute boys pairs which are miniatures of the Mens’ styles. feiyue

and girls pairs. Those pink soles…!!


This line up shows the variety of materials used on the uppers to satisfy moms’ and kids’ different tastes, INCLUDING the ones in leather!


The eldest boy could not resist the black leather pair feiyue


The girl chose the cute red ones (as she had officially declared that she now hates pink).

More recently, the Mommy Mundo SoMoms were invited to the Feiyue Concept Store located at the Sekai Center in Greenhills along Ortigas Avenue.  During the visit, we learned more about the brand and its history which turned out to be quite fascinating.

Feiyue {Fei-yue) which means “Flying Forward” found its beginnings in Shanghai in the 1920’s and became the light and flexible footwear preferred by martial artists, athletes and just everyone who wanted to be comfortable on their feet. Then in 2006, the brand was taken over by a group of French sneaker enthusiasts who transformed Feiyue into a new design aesthetic combining vintage charm, injected with international inspirations from urban art, music and travel while always hinged on quality.

The Sekai store showcased Feiyue’s Spring-Summer 2013 styles


and I was happy to see even more variations of the super hip low and midcuts for kids.

They also had just unveiled one of their new lines, the Feiyue Cassis


Cassis have a flexible sole and soft canvass and comes with a fishnet bag. Also available for kids.


The classic kids pairs which were on sale at that time (hmm these would make perfect shoes for the kids’ PE classes)


With my cousin Jaycee Dee, partner at Feiyue. I spotted his pair which I didn’t see on the shelves and decided to get one just like it!


Wonder Cousins Activate. Jaycee and I wearing our Feiyue Midcut Origins. Loooove my pair!


What do I love about my Feiyue midcut sneakers?  It’s my first ever midcut-type footwear and I never thought it could be this comfortable. The canvass material fits amazingly well around the ankles, without making my feet feel suffocated, and its flexible sole provides comfort and support for  my legs and feet while walking.

I also love how it looks from where I stand. The rubber toe cap design is shaped  in an inverted U around the toes, I think it makes the shoes look neat and polished.


It’s a classic and sleek looking shoe which makes it versatile to wear with skinnies and will also look good with wider leg jeans or even slacks or a casual skirt. I found out that this style is part of next season’s line so I was lucky enough to get an advanced pair! Thank you Jays!


Other son Z chose this one from the Feiyue A.S. Series. I love the navy canvass material and the finished sole has a retro feel, it’s a smart casual choice for my teen.


Jaycee also gave us a peek into some of the coming styles for kids and we saw such a varied selection!  Don’t all moms love velcro openings? So much easier than tying up shoelaces, and by 2-3 years old we can already teach them to be more independent and let them try putting their own shoes since it’s velcro.


Coming soon. Feiyue Delta Mid Kid Stripes Series. Adorable!


Our Feiyues travelled with us to our recent vacation in NYC and i’m happy to report it was so lightweight it kept our feet comfy amidst the endless walking.

Blog June fave finds

Feiyues @ the NYC Subway

Feiyue concept store. Unit 104, Sekai Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills San Juan.

Feiyue is also now available at Rustans Department Store.

Follow Feiyue Philippines and learn more about this innovative brand.

Feiyue Philippines is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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