Business Mirror just Celebrated their 10.0 Year Anniversary at Remington Hotel, No program nor any formal Opening and Closing remarks just casual buffet dinner and an open bar beverage are for everyone.

Then the raffle started while having dinner and some kwela jokes between the two host, a unique and native band that played by KAMALAYAN while having dinner, to maintain the crowd the two host announces that the major prize is a Toyota Mini Car that is parked up ground outside of Remington hotel and so everyone was really excited including me and my team whose with me during the 10th year anniversary party of business mirror.


This party is a no ordinary anniversary party nor an extravagant party rather a smart casual attire is required, I did say that it is not a extravagant party coz BM turns everyone into a raffle and waited to be called. Raffle items such as GoPro, Devant, an overnight stay in different hotel and places in the philippines, digital camera, watches, GCs  and the most waited major prize is a toyota mini car.

Good party remix by DJ and as we spend time we all got the chance to meet other people just like Atty. Lorna Capunan of Philippine National Red Cross, bumped with sir Paeng Batuigas AVP of Hyundai Philippines, and Tet Andolong – Property & Journey Editor of Business Mirror, also the pretty mommy blogger Jen Roxas now working with Cook Magazine and still a blogger and other’s.


So as we spend time with the party the final hour has come for the major raffle with off course a new routine to raffle off the toyota car until such it was won by a tipsy lady whom I did not catch her name and what surprise us more is that there is a second toyota car same variant color blue to be raffle off too, and while picking up the names and were called who are not in the floor it gives more excite to everyone until finally another lady called and were on the floor won the 2nd Toyota Mini Car same variant color blue.

I can say that this party is not boring as previous that I’ve been with, maybe because this party was full of surprises and raffle. Normally this is the Smart Casual crowd.


Before we part ways I had this selpi with my blogger friends outside Remington Hotel.

Thank you to the one who invited us from BM, to the TBDC-Team Big Difference Celebrity Founder Cherry Burwell to the bloggers that I party with namely; Alice Mate, Rejj Sibayan, Roxy Nicolas and Reylen Castro.



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