I am not in a political era to criticize our leaders, pero ano nga ba talaga ang kailangan natin leader sa ating bansa? One out of four could be a great leader of our country, yet we haven’t seen them unless we vote them and be part of the ultimate leaders of the our country.

Our country was known as one of the excellent country, we don’t import rice yet we do export them to other leading country in asia. Now we are very slow to everything and seems to be no progress at all, a friend from Malaysia telling me story that Philippines back then was doing excellent compare to Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Now we are so down to our economy, we need a leader that can boost our country, a leader that can speak a to every pilipino people as pilipino.

A leader that can speak to our needs, who have a personal calling to help each of us, a leader that knows and feel our heart at walang bahid and pagkatao, who have a clean track record in life, a leader knows that education is a priority in life.


Roman Romulo been pushing a free college education to those who cannot afford  to send their kids in college yet pursuing in life naturally, who deserve a quality education, who have a vision and mission in life. Roman NAMAN !!! ang nag pursigeng sinulong “Ang Iskolar ng Bayan”.

Roman Romulo a City Governor  of Pasig at ang Panalo sa Puso ni Shalani Romulo – former city councilor of Valenzuela, Roman Romulo ang nag sulong ng Eskolar ng Bayan para sa ating mga kababayan.

Si Roman Romulo ang makakatulong sa pag Unlad ng ating Bansa, ang bayan nating Sinilangan, Roman Naman give’s the Big Difference sa Tao at Edukasyon… Roman Romulo and Kailangan at Makakatulong ng ating Bayan, Roman Romulo para sa Senado.


Roman Romulo did his job well and done as congressman in pasig city yet he wanted to help our countrymen for more progressive lifestyle and lowering taxes to people who are less fortunate. Roman Naman ang isulong sa senado. 


Happy Life, Happy Husband…Roman Romulo para sa Senado…

Watch it here: http://www.rappler.com/…/111020-poe-escudero-senatorial-sla…




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