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The latest trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set the Internet on fire with anticipation – and criticism. As viewers relished in the reveal of Doomsday and a show-stopping introduction for Wonder Woman, other fans were less enthusiastic – arguing that Warner Bros. was showing too much of the Man of Steel sequel/DC movie universe starter. Director Zack Snyder responded to the divisive response, suggesting the trailer was only a small chunk of the movie and that plenty of secrets remain – while also defending his unconventional take on Lex Luthor (another hot button topic from the trailer).

Still, even if there’s a lot we don’t know (and haven’t seen of) Batman V Superman, there’s no question the most recent full length trailer was in sharp contrast to the relative restrained approach to prior Dawn of Justice marketing – which were thick with iconography rather than specifics. Given that Batman V Superman will hit theaters in just over two months (from the time of this writing), it’s unclear whether the studio will unleash another full-length trailer, especially since the last one already included several major reveals; however, in the build-up to release, Warner Bros. will be rolling out a steady stream of TV spots – starting today.

Two international TV teasers already leaked online but now we’ve got two official domestic spots: one that includes a new line of dialogue in the Clark Kent meets Bruce Wayne red carpet scene – and one that shows several key beats from prior trailers in context (roughly 20 seconds of the scene in which Batman attempts to ram Superman with the Batmobile).

Check out the official domestic TV spots below:

Fans will surely get a kick out of Bruce Wayne’s condescending response to Clark Kent’s inquiry about the “Bat Vigilante” but that’s the only new addition in the first TV spot; though, the second teaser actually goes a long way in showing how much of the current Batman V Superman marketing has been culled from a relatively small piece of the movie. The crash of the Batmobile, the face-to-face stare down, and “Do you bleed?” line were all major moments in previous pieces of marketing but, in context, are only a small sequence in the larger film. This isn’t to say that the latest trailer didn’t show too much or that trailers, in general, aren’t too spoilery but clever editing from the Batman V Superman ad group may have lead viewers to think they were seeing a lot of the film – when the marketing department was actually just pulling a lot out of a few key sequences.

As for what actually happens in the clip, the TV spot continues to set that stage for a battle between Batman’s will and Superman’s brawn – where the Dark Knight throws everything he can at the Man of Steel, no matter how futile. It’s a theme we’ve seen presented countless times in DC comic books – Batman doesn’t necessarily need to win in a fight, he’s just got to show the rest of the world that Superman isn’t invincible. Bruce Wayne has taken a nasty beating in several of the best Batman vs. Superman fights – while still managing to come out on top with a moral, not so much physical, victory.

That all said, most of the Dawn of Justice marketing has featured Superman’s near-invincibility and Batman’s determination – with little footage depicting the Dark Knight gaining an actual upper hand. Bruce Wayne might be surviving in the face of an all-powerful Kryptonian, but he’s isn’t shown putting much of a dent in Superman, thus far. Given that the title of the film is Batman V Superman (not Batman & Superman), Snyder will need to deliver with memorable action between the two and make it clear how this Dark Knight can stand-up to this Man of Steel. Batman will have some tricks (likely powered by Kryptonite) up his sleeve but the trailers have yet to outright reveal what this tech-savvy Dark Knight will do to level the playing field.

Even though it might seem like a one-sided brawl at this point, especially when the Batmobile bounces helplessly off of Superman’s shin; yet, given that most casual viewers still don’t know how Batman could ever beat Superman in a fight, Warner Bros. may choose to make people pay (with ticket money) for the answer – by saving Batman’s plans for in-theater reveals.

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One of the most awaited movie for this year, I am a big fan of marvel and other cartoon movie superman and batman are the most vied movie that me and my cousins watched during our times and till this days….

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