Usapang Kalusugan, Dapat Natural…

Danny Javier On Surviving Death And Making Healthy Lifestyle Change

Danny Javier has spent four decades in the music industry, composing some of the country’s best-loved songs and performing worldwide with two of the industry’s equally loved music icons. The trio composed the popular singing group, The Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, better known as APO.

With more than two-dozen albums under their belt and numerous songs that inspired the entertainment industry and generations of musicians, the APO gave their final curtain call in May 2010 for their farewell concert. Only a year after, Javier battled numerous life-threatening diseases that could have ended his life.

“I was diabetic, then one thing led to another. I had kidney failure, liver collapse, emphysema, congestive heart failure, and sepsis,” he shared in a recent media event.

He intimated how, in 2012, he fought for his life by making healthy changes in his lifestyle and maintaining an all-natural diet. He said he had to consciously follow a health regimen in order to maintain his wellbeing.

“After about a year and a half, my body has recovered; the next problem was maintaining it. I met this guy, Andy Lugtu, who formulated the Malungai LifeOil. It is pure oil extract from the leaves and seeds of Malunggay,” he said.

Mr. Andy Lugtu is the president of Manila Nature’s Link, a Filipino biotechnology company that produces excellent health products that are harnessed from nature’s nutrients to help people live healthy, productive, and fulfilled lives … naturally. This is exactly what Javier found in Malungai LifeOil.

“I wanted a better quality of life and Andy explained to me about Malunggay or Moringa. He told me about its life giving and maintaining qualities, and that he had captured it in a pill. So, he gave it to me and told me to take it everyday – first thing in the morning and last thing before I sleep. I never got sick since then,” he testified.

Even as he now takes Malungai LifeOil daily, he also religiously takes his medicines and keeps tab on what he eats.

On why he is vocal about his fascination for Malunggay, Javier explained, “I would like to share this with other people because it’s very beneficial for me. I am very active now, going to meetings, and playing golf.”

A true patriot, Javier admitted that, with his new lease on life, he was looking for something as productive and as ingenious as his brainchild, Pidro Shirt.

“After I survived, I was looking for what’s the next thing for me to do. And I wasn’t looking for anything big, nothing of the magnitude of APO. I wanted a simple, giving life. And I am glad that I got to know LifeOil, because what else can be more exciting than whole food that provides you maintenance and nurtures you? Malungai LifeOil is such a good example of original Filipino ingenuity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwendolyn Pang also shared her own experience with LifeOil.

“I have been with the PRC for over 20 years. I go where the disaster is. During emergencies, I work with the response teams; I carry boxes and boxes of relief goods, even 25 kilo-sack of rice! There came a time when I felt tired and spent; then, I was introduced to LifeOil. Since then, I have kept LifeOil as my daily food supplement. And I can attest on how it has always sustained me. Because of LifeOil, I always feel good and energized, and my immune system is truly strengthened. Now, I can perform my duties better and serve more people and communities,” she narrated.

To quell any doubt on her confidence in LifeOil, she was quick to add: “I am not a LifeOil endorser; I am a LifeOil user.”

The same can be said of professional basketball cager Dondon Hontiveros. Hontiveros likewise testified on the efficacy of LifeOil when it comes to maintaining his body’s strength and energy.

“It was another PBA player who advised me to take LifeOil, particularly before and after hard training; and so, I did. And I must say that LifeOil didn’t, and still doesn’t, disappoint. Even with just a few hours of sleep, basta may LifeOil before matulog, I feel rejuvenated when I wake up in the morning. I was so satisfied with the effect of LifeOil in my body that I recommended it to my parents as well. They got back to me, saying mas masarap na ang tulog nila, and they also felt the difference in their body. Hindi na sila sakitin ngayon,” Hontiveros added.

Kumpletong Nutrisyon? Dapat Natural!

Danny Javier, Gwen Pang, Dondon Hontiveros are just few of the growing number of people who attest to the health benefits they get from Malungai LifeOil. Thanks to its complete nutrients that come naturally! From professional league athletes to hardworking public servants, to on-the-go retirees, busy career moms, and active college students, testimonies abound on strengthened immune system, improved blood circulation, and enhanced energy.

Malungai LifeOil is pure Malunggay oil extract in a gel. The only oil-form Malunggay food supplement in the market today, it contains wide range of natural nutrients that are bio-available or more readily absorbed by, and distributed in, the body. A potent antioxidant, Malungai LifeOil contains active chlorophyll, an essential nutrient people get from eating fresh, green leafy vegetables.

According to Dr. Monica Marcu, the most referenced researcher scientist on the study of Moringa, there are about 500,000 known species of plants and Moringa is being heralded as the most nutrient-rich on the planet.

“Moringa contains hundreds of substances – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fats, and specific phyto chemicals (plant derived), each with clear applications in healing and nutrition. I have tried to remain objective and impartial, although it is hard not to be excited and fascinated by Moringa… You will come to understand why they call her a miracle tree,” said Dr. Marcu.

Malungai LifeOil has 13 essential vitamins, 16 minerals, protein, omega 3, and chlorophyll. One 500mg Malungai LifeOil gel is equivalent to half a kilo of fresh Malunggay leaves.

Complete nutrients should come naturally. This naturally comes with Malungai LifeOil.

Malungai LifeOil is available at all Mercury Drugstores and leading drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit or like


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Let me ask you, How will you take care of your health with all the kinds of foods that we are having right now, full of preservatives and chemical sprayed. We thought our food is safe coz we cook them and we trust the farmer so much. Even though we washed them and boiled them the chemical inside our fruits. We have no ideal that all fruits under gone shower and sprayed from the farm.

But what makes our health not complicated from our intake rather it will enhance more of our immune


What can the bloggers can say about LifeOil after listening the Danny Javier story about his health…

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