High Quality yet Affordable Property…

Very Affordable Prices!


Looking for a new house for a very low price without compromising the quality and the design of the house at your satisfaction? You will love this!

We are happy to bring you at the site and experience the cool climate and fresh air of nature of Antipolo City and check personally our model houses. 

When choosing a lot for your property, corner lot is logically a very good cut, coz it’s widen your property and it can expand to more floor plan.
Single Detached Luxury is one of the very best to invest for you and to your family coz of it’s design that will give you more space to park your car and a space when it comes to a family special events like children’s party. view from your room and terrace will give you an ovevrlook to property…
Floor Plan of Single Detached Luxury, to give you more information and idea on what’s inside the Single Detached Executive of EastBorough by Datem.
This is how Datem develop his property and it’s quality of each unit.
Visit Datem website of Facebook to view more about EastBorough and it`s other property as well, an idea a photo to visualize yourself with you family of a new lifestyle and living with eastborough by Datem.

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