Single parent? Battered child? Victim of any abuse? Need help?
Send us a private message or MELCHORA Party list shall pursue a legislative agenda anchored on the felt needs, experiences and aspirations of marginalized Filipino women and children.

MELCHORA envisions a women’s sector that is aware and conscious of their civil, political and human rights acting collectively to support initiatives for personal growth and productivity. We shall advocate a community of women helping women while partnering with men by providing access to work and livelihood opportunities.


Babae ako – May karapatan at pangagailangan. Maraming pinagdadaanan sa buhay, ngunit lumalaban sa hagupit ng tadhana at unos ng mapait na nakaraan!

Ngayon ako po ay humaharap sa inyo, humihingi ng inyong pagtitiwala upang magsibli upang maging kinatawan ng sector ng kababaihan—MELCHORA Party List na naglalayong maging boses ng nakakaraming kababaihan at kabataang api at sawimpalad .

Kailangan mo ba ng karamay? Magpadala ng private message o mag

Hopefully and in time we shall evolve practices to build a culture of self-reliance, collective work models towards mutual empowering women. Form this day forward, no women, no child shall feel abandoned, helpless and distressed because our movement of women for change and reform (MELCHORA) shall be a beacon of hope, a ray of light from whom they can draw strength, courage and succour.


One of said that when choosing a political candidate for your vote must have be wise, idealistic, good in legal matters and family oriented, but mostly our political candidate are in good terms in family relationship, even a separated couple can even do more time for their family.

I am not saying that MELCHORA can do more than the other candidate rather giving her a chance to prove that MELCHORA can do more that the other candidate, the fact is she thought her kids to give more than to received and the value of what you have than others don’t have…

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