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Posted: 06/28/2016 in Bloggers Event, Home Care, LifeStyle, NEWS, Property

One of the greatest dream is to have our own home, a place to stay with or with out a family. A place that you can say “ I’m Home!! “  

A Trophy Worth Fighting For

Crown Asia has and continues to develop the country’s finest residential properties. It is the subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. – the Philippines largest homebuilder – that creates communities for the nation’s upper middle-income families and individuals. This is largely populated by Filipinos who have endeavored to rise above their not-so-lofty pasts, and are finally able to reap the rewards of their struggles. Crown Asia believes that this group of individuals truly deserves a "trophy" home.


Everyday is bonding day when you have a clubhouse like this just a short walk from home. Visit Valenza over the weekend and get started on acquiring that dream lifestyle for your family!

THE VALENZA COMMUNITY BY CROWN ASIA. Few people know the sweat and hard work, the hours of sacrifice, the endless days of team meetings, client calls, business lunches, pandering to impossible bosses, and all the million activities that have brought you to this point. You have finally arrived. Now it’s time to crown your success with the best you can offer the people you have done it all for…Enjoy the good life with your family at Crown Asia.

Your own bed, that will always invite you to relax and spend time on it.

It’s another way of saying welcome home.

Valenza Crown Asia provides a place where you can say ‘ HOME ‘ a place that you can relax and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve never experience before.  

* * *

How does it feel of having coffee on your own place?

A place where you can relax, a place na “ Uuwian mo “


more photos from my FB #FanPage #LarawanAtKape; 


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