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SONA 2016 Pangako ng Pagbabago…

President Rodrigo Duterte is very promising to his word on his 1st sona, he stand before us as a President to enforce and stop drug pushing and the use of it which is the cost of petty and big crimes in our country-on his term he said that he will not ” stop unless the last Pusher or User to put behind bars”, he also brought up on cutting tax to all employees and company that which is the negative effect for the high cost of living in metro manila, in other country tax are implemented with category, I remember once in the news said that ” Every income must have tax ” and I strongly don’t agree on her terms about tax. Why? this means even vendor like selling small items will induce tax.

The use of Human Rights which is in fact we abuse and take advantage of so called Human Rights this is why we develop and tolerate criminal activity, I personally agree to what our president duterte said about the use of human rights that ” Human Rights must not use as a shield by the criminals “. It should be that way when you commit a crime, you loose this kind of previlage as human.

A call to all government agencies to reduce the process of applying documents like getting or renewal of our drivers license, passport, NSO, police clearance, NBI Clearance and other government documents which is we spend to much of time in falling in line and waiting.

Philippine Passport, basic documents should every Filipino have.Now a days we can only identify that those who are getting passport are the OFW, Traveler’s and Businessman. Other’s can’t afford to have it, maybe because they thought that they don’t need, but then again in other countries each citizen are required to have passport. Now our passport validity must be valid to ten years. Basic task that our president understand that is a must.

A longer driver’s license validity from three years to five years, number should be readily available when renewal of car registration and passport validity from five years to ten years which is big help to Filipino people. 

While president duterte delivering his sona he never look to other foreign diplomats and ambasador. He is also pushing and asking for help to all philippine government agency to help him on developing a parliament government and retain to have a president. He also commanded to stop the war within the Filipino and have a peace talk effectivimmediately.

A one hour and fourty two minutes talk from our president duterte, the longest sona we have. On his sona he also stand as a father too everyone and telling us to follow what he told us to achieve what we dream na “Pagbabago”.

A good governance should start within ourselves and by doing so we should be passion to what we do and to what we are fighting for our country and by supporting our government sa Pagsulong ng Pagbabago ng ating bansa.

Maayos na platapormang pangako ng ating Pangulong Duterte na kailangang suportahan ng bawat Pilipino para maatim at marandaman natin ang PAGBABAGO ng ating bansa. And this is Good Governance, this is what we want.



Special thanks to Light Network as media partner;



President Duterte maybe not good in delivering his speech and not much patient in reading from his projector, i strongly agree that he is excellent in execution of what he wants to the best of our beloved country.

President Duterte wipe out criminality in Davao City this is why davao is the safest city in the Philippines and their tourism rated higher than the other city in the philippines. And this is why he is now looking forward and working hard to a Criminal Free in country, to invite more foreign investor and to have more job available to every juan.

Group of bloggers are invited by Light Network to experience the live coverage of SONA 2016 Pangako ng Pagbabago at ZOE studio with prominent guest.

We all had a wonderful understanding with this live coverage in studio, and as I observe how they produce this kind of exclusive segment, I learned from the guest’s that no matter how good you are in terms of management there will always be bias to one side and another regarding the topic, while the other side should be more on expectations and background check to the subject.


It’s really very hard to be a public servant, it requires strong dignity and firm to your words. This is why other countries are very strong and successful, because of they’re 101 support to their leaders.

We salute you and looking forward to the Good Governance, we will support you…

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