The Unveiling spots in Ozamiz City

Posted: 11/02/2016 in DOT, NEWS

Just this long weekend I was privilege to be part of the 1st Media Tour Launch at Ozamiz City with trad-media and 6 other bloggers, and guess what every hour of everyday is an exciting activities for the past 4 days we spent in #OzamizCity.

Touch Down at around 7:20am – Ozamiz City Airport

#Day1 @3am I was already at the airport terminal 3, so I was hoping that I got first until such @pepi message that he is already checked in his things. So after I checked in my things we went to a coffee shop to standby since our flight is by 5:20am, while waiting to the others I was busy online and find out more about ozamiz city and what to expect when we landed.

Image result for ozamiz city airport Image result for ozamiz city airport

Miss Ozamis and the local students Dancers at Ozamiz City Airport..

We we’re surprise that when we landed at Ozamiz City Airport and after taking photo at the runway, we we’re given a lei. Locally made with small sauce plate, glitters and colorful lace, as Ms. Ozamiz hang this lei to our neck.

A group of HR Students Performed a local tribe dance of Lubanen, which our tour guide Sir Mike from local DOT of Ozamiz City told us more about the local tribe of ozamiz.

Travel from time to time together with local tour guide of ozamiz, coordinator from #TBDC, 5 Ms. Ozamiz City and with Ozamiz City Ambassadress Ms. Sophia Naja Adriana Parojinog, convoyed with 4 vans and 2 pick ups.

Image result for ozamiz city hall

PressCon at Ozamiz City Hall with Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog.

Image result for ozamiz city cotta

Image result for ozamiz city Image result for ozamiz city

Image result for ozamiz city

Cotta Forth, where history of Ozamiz City wrap to this place during Japanese time. This is also serve as a defense and over looking the sea port area.

This Old Bell tower was created during Japanese time and this bell tower served to the local to warning everyone from the enemy, they said that thru this high lands is a over looking over ozamiz city and when they sounded the bell the whole town will be alarm.


There are only two Pipe Organ listed in the history, one is in Germany and the other is in Ozamiz City. And this Pipe Organ is maintained up to now by the local government of Ozamiz City, Another Historical destination that Ozamiz City can offer.


The story behind of “ sa Bahay ni Lola”, an 18th Century House built with light materials and still maintained by the local government of Ozamiz City. We were told that our legend hero Dr. Jose Rizal used to do his medical practice and sleep here, creepy don’t you think? just look over the photos hanging on the wall……

Our destinations are to visit the following A. Presscon and Lunch at Ozamiz City Hall with Mayor Aldo Parojinog and with Ms. Nova Princess Parojinog. B. Visited the Old Bell Tower with existing 3 bells hanging on, as they say that this bell is their guide during the old days and over looking the land of ozamiz city. C. Visited the Old House where one of our her used to stayed during Dr. Jose Rizal time and do his profession as a doctor. D. Visited the Old Convent House.

Image result for ozamiz city zip line 

First Batch of media friends to do the Longest ZipLine in Asia… within the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park it’s a breath taking experienced I may say, coz it will relax you and give you peace of mind.

Our First Dinner at Ozamiz City Hall, it’s supposed to be at the Cotta Fort, but due to heavy rain the organizer had a last minute change venue to do the dinner instead at the Ozamiz City Hall with all the Prominent and Media Guests.

#Day2 Early call time at 7am breakfast then to Mt. Hoyohoy to do ZipLine with ATV or Horse Back Riding back to where you started the zipline. Then we all had lunch at Dragon Fruit Farm where Johann Cuisine got his supply for his Dragon Fruit Ice Cream, only Ozamiz City can serve you a dragon fruit ice cream without a doubt of having it.

At the dragon fruit farm we all witness this time a local tribe of ozamiz city performed their tribal dance. A lot more that I can say about the local tribe, but then again it would be better if you will witness how they perform their loca dance as a Subanen Tribe of Ozamiz City.

On Our day2 tour  it’s more relaxed time coz we allmost covered every itinerary tour for the media, what more we enjoyed is the food and the soon to be revealed ice cream…#DragoFruitIceCream will be soon to be available to your ice cream cone, only at Ozamiz City.

It is fun to travel in ozamiz city, every streets are safe to walk with even on raining seasons with 24hr bakery and a 24hr fast food. Ozamiz City is a one amazing places that I am with, domestic flight..

 Image result for ozamiz city


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