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Posted: 12/27/2016 in Bloggers Event, Food & Beverage, LifeStyle
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A chicken with new concept available in the market, some the chicken now a days that are available in the fast foods have extenders some are injected with water to be more heavier others are lots of breading’s, but what makes you sure that your chicken have no extender’s?

With Manang’s your chicken are surely have no extender’s, not much in breading’s, no water injected. The size of Manang’s chicken are specially cut accordingly to give more joy and happiness when you dine in at Manang’s restaurant within the metro.

Manang’s location’s all over the metro can easily be found in facebook and updates for most scheduled event.

Manang’s new concept for christmas, Yema de Leche Cupcake Sunday with we filiinos loved sweetness of the for our deserts and Puto Bumbong Cupcake Sunday also what we are looking for during christmas season, now these two new deserts of manang’s are available in all manang’s branches.
When ordering the two new deserts of manang’s please don’t get irritated for waiting coz when you order it’s the only time that it will preparing your yema de leche or puto bumbong capcake sunday to retain the freshness of your food that melts in your mouth and it serves hot.
More info about Manang’s Chicken, please do visit Manang’s Facebook…


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