Just before the end of may 2017, me and my family got the chance to witness and experience the youth camp at The Highlands Camp and Conference Center in Iba, Zambales, produced and organized by Global Surge.

The Camp site is highly secure with a total land of 52 hectares, it’s a huge camp site. If you are a participant camper to this event when you got in there is no way for you to get out of the camp site unless it’s done.

Global surge mission is to bring in the youth camper with the consent of the parents and the church, and impart them the importance of living with GOD. The usual youth camper here are the non Christian or Non Believer, youth that walk around the street and be themselves with no limits or have no plans for their future, but to involve themselves into sex, drugs, crime and disrespect people around them.


This is how Global Surge Camp of reaching out the non-believers youth via lifestyle live entertainment just like being in the network studio, entertain them with the band, Dancers and Singing during the camp schedule. One Pastor said during the camp ( ikaw na bilang kabataan kaya mong paunlarin and bansang pilipinas sa papagitan sa pagtitiwala mo sa iyong sarili at mg gawaing kabutihan, Pero kung ikaw ay maka sarili, involve ka sa mga aktibidad tulad, droga, gang rape, at iba pang klase ng krimen ikaw ang mag papabagsak sa ating bansang pilipinas. Sharp word, enough to wound up your heart. Yet it’s been said that “ Only Truth Will Set You Free “, hard to accept the truth, but the truth will bring you to happiness in life.

Youth Campers have time to have fun like this kind of games to entertain them during the day, it’s a team work so everyone can participate Boys and Girls.

This kind of fun games are wipe out our millennial and it will be remembered after attending the youth camp by Global Surge…


This are their Team  Identity…

Team Light Network invade Global Surge Camp at highlands Iba, Zambales. 

Got the chance to interview 4 of the youth campers in this event and this four teenager’s are active in their church in pampannga province, this is out side metro manila. Karen, Christine, Kim and Chelsea are from Mangin Baptist Church in Dagupan, Pampangga. 

The purpose of this youth camp is to help our existing teenager to go near to the church and help them find their way to our god, make them realize the purpose of being alive.





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