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There is a lot of mystery and stories associated to the appearance of the black christ since the 17th century but, what remains undisputable is that since it’s arrival, it has been causing great transformations in the lives of the Filipino devotees that follow him.

His presence as a Nazareno, or the “black” Jesus of Nazareth also represents blackness attributed to other black saints of the many colonised and marginalised indigenous peoples around the world. Same goes for the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the mythology has a special appeal with the working class masses. The Nazareno drawn hundreds of thousands of people to Quiapo in a pilgrimage on January 9 every year to cleanse their sins, and return the wayward to the straight path. In the end, the penitents gain first hand experience of not only the metaphysical but also transformative value of devotion.

It’s also considered to be a very “masa” icon. It is commented that that the elites of the Philippines don’t pray to the Black Nazarene.

Visual and artist performance Ian Madrigal uses the Nazareno as a touchpoint for his performance, “The Nazareno de McKinley”. He appropriates the Nazareno as a metaphor of the division of Manila’s social classes. McKinley Road is chosen as the location for this contemporary art intervention. The purpose is to bring attention to Manila’s traffic problems by legally making a procession on the pedestrian paths of McKinley Road from BGC to Ayala Avenue. A serene and poignant reflection on who really causes traffic in this city.

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Does Filipino really cleanse their since by doing so?  I witnessed a lot of Filipino devoty doing the black Nazarene procession and while walking barefoot some are smoking at the end of the line and you can even hear then saying bad words to each other And worse after the black Nazarene procession tons and tons of garbage needs to deal with.

At the end of the black Nazarene procession medical statistics data declared more than one thousand injuries and one died. All these years more and more people are being hurt and yet we still continue of doing this kind of event.




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