RAINCHEM International, Inc.

When it comes to motoring innovation one that must consider is the engine oil, within the car club the most questioned ask is “What engine oil do you use?”. I’ve been in the car club for almost 10 years and that is the common question to every car owner.

2 weeks ago i was privilege to witness the engine oil test in different most leading brand in the world, label was rip out for security issues, but then again you’ll be familiar with the brand.

Not only engine that RAICHEM developed also gas and diesel additives for lower consumption and cleaner gas/engine burn.

RAICHEM conducted a live engine oil test with the leading engine oil against raichem oil in 2 variants, Fully Synthetic and Semi Synthetic Engine Oil. I can say that raichem did their homework very well.

RAINCHEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. Announces The Launching of Oil & Fuel Additives : The answer to your reduced consumption.

Rainchem International, Inc. Launches Oil & Fuel Additives

The answer to your reduced consumption.

Rainchem International, Inc. is now introducing the RAIMOL TITANIUM Fuel Saver, the NEW and ECONOMICAL way to SAVE fuel intended for DIESEL & GASOLINE engines.  RAIMOL TITANIUM Fuel Saver features Power and Acceleration Improvement.  This revolutionary product does not only Enhances engine’s life it also offers Excellent Corrosion Protection.

As we continue to provide cost saving measure by extending and improving engine oil, RAINCHEM is thrilled to announce another breakthrough product, RAIMOL TRIBOFILM OIL ADDITIVE.  This product will provide cost saving as it prolongs engine life, reduces oil & fuel consumption for gasoline & diesel engine.   RAIMOL TRIBOFILM OIL ADDITIVE is also compatible with all types of engines.

RAINCHEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. is the producer of RAIMOL TITANIUM Fuel Saver.  RAINCHEM is 100% Filipino owned company and being managed by the President & CEO, Engr. Robert V. Dela Pena, a Chemical Engineer by profession.

Since 1995, RAINCHEM has been serving a wide variety of consumers of heavy industrial lubricants, marine transport oil, greases, motor & engine oils and of more than hundreds of corporations.

RAINCHEM has started its Export business in 2017 initially with Vietnam.  Negotiations with Papua New Guinea are in the pipeline.  We are making ourselves viable with other Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

RAINCHEM is also into distributing bio-degradable & eco-friendly home care cleaning solutions, under our brand NATURE’S RAIN.

In our effort to accept the market challenges, RAINCHEM continuously reinvents, innovates and competes.  RAIMOL is not just a product, it is RAINCHEM’s answer to what every engine needs.  We dare to compare!


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