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Qmarketz is the trusted source of used car pricing, reviews and information so you can buy or sell used cars smarter and easier – guaranteed. Do your research with Qmarketz before buying your next car, whether brand new or used! Qmarketz would like to quantify the market (thus the name), and analyze/ simplify it for you. We continuously research new and used car prices and detailed specifications everywhere in the market, so you don’t have to. You, the buyers and sellers, can use information Qmarketz freely provides to begin your second hand car search and negotiations. Qmarketz hopes to quantify the market to make it a more active, more transparent used car marketplace that would ultimately benefit everyone.

Perhaps importantly, we’re here to help you buy a car, not try and sell you one.

What does the Qmarketz Website aim to do?

  • Give the average market price of cars  – in the market by doing the hard work of researching all offline and online sources that we can find
  • Allow you to compare different features and specifications of cars -  especially those that matter to you. Likewise, we continuously research and catalog dusty old brochures, and convert that data into meaningful information for you!
  • Browse, read and write car reviews – learn more about other people’s experiences with the cars you’re interested in. Get insights not from the “car experts”, but from the normal, everyday car owners – those who use the cars on a regular basis. Be able to share your experiences with others too!
  • Give you more functionalities as time goes by – our engineers and data scientists are hard at work creating content, to make used car buying and selling easy!

You, the buyers and sellers, can freely use information Qmarketz provides to begin your second hand car search and negotiations. Qmarketz will quantify the market to make it a more active, more transparent used car marketplace that would ultimately benefit everyone.

For any other questions, please contact Reg Villanueva at 09066316504.





Buying a second hand car without certification and verification, think again, it might be good looking from the outside, but waste of money at the inside.. Car certification is what we need to guaranty that the car we choose is worth buying and worry less. Other way to satisfy you is to ask the car passport-this booklet will ensure you the history of Pre Maintenance System-PMS.


In other countries buy and sell cars are easy process to do, it’s just like buying pandesal or candies yet selling cars without certification are hot cars. Here in our country we can easily do buy and sell cars, like if I am a buyer and no knowledge about cars I can easily believe to the seller word of “Running Condition”, but what really is Running Condition-it’s a common word or a layman terms of Hassle Free at All when you buy a 2nd hand cars or any thing that runs with a battery. Assuming you bought a car without any certification what-so-ever and you believe on the selling point of Running Condition then something happen which common problems are over 2 years old Battery, unchanged Spark Plug, low tire running  percentage and so on, then later on you found out that there are a lot of things that you need to do with your 2nd hand card including over haul, this is why QMARKETZ.COM comes in. your hassle FREE would a real thing, coz without certification your 2nd hand car is unconditioned process.

Qmarketz gives you the assurance that your second hand car is real running conditioned without a doubt, qmarketz will certify your car for sale so there will be no hassle in your end and to your client, this is a win win situation between the seller and the buyer.

When getting a second hand car look for QMARKETZ seal and that will give you assurance that your car is Good running Conditioned.





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PAWI launches new Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheelsRota 360-degree Flow Forged line brings art and science of wheels to a new level


With over 40 years of experience in wheel manufacturing, Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Incorporated (PAWI), manufacturer of Rota Wheels, is taking the art and science of wheels to the next level. With the launch of the Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels, it presents a new revolution for wheel manufacturing in the Philippines.

“We are very excited to introduce the Rota 360-degree Flow Forged Wheel,” said Mr. Michael S. Rojas, President of PAWI. “Our new wheel is lighter, denser, and more durable than our high quality gravity cast wheels. And because it’s Rota, it’s very affordable too.”

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels are made through a process called flow forging, a first in the country. This is done by gravity casting virgin ingots of high-grade aluminum, which is then heated and spun to form the wheel. In effect, flow forging combines the elements of making a cast wheel and a forged wheel, making it lighter and stronger than a cast wheel. That means less unsprung weight and, therefore, improves vehicle dynamics and handling. And it does all that by further enhancing a wheel’s durability under tough conditions.

As with all Rota wheels, the 360-degree Flow Forged wheels have undergone a battery of vigorous testing. Impact, cornering and radial tests are carried out on the wheels to ensure a high caliber of quality the company has been known for, and give customers peace of mind. With testing methods that follow international standards, your Rota wheels will keep on rolling and the 360-degree Flow Forged wheels are no exception.

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged line will be available soon, both locally and abroad. Set to be released through the company’s extensive domestic and international network, the world will soon experience a Philippine revolution as Rota forges into the future, further evolving the art and science of wheels.

Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. (PAWI) is recognized as the pioneer of local wheel manufacturing for over forty years since 1976. PAWI is the proud manufacturer of Rota Wheels, and has long been in the business of manufacturing wheels for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

With a wide network both local and abroad, Rota has been met with acclaim the world over. It has been consistently included as one of the country’s top 600 corporations. Over 1,000 wheels are made in PAWI’s factories daily under the watchful eyes of over 300 employees, each of which are driven to deliver total satisfaction to the customers.

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BMW brings pure exhilaration to MIAS 2018.

Explore grander adventures and exclusive offers at the biggest industry-led motor show in the country.

Manila, Philippines – SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. (SMCACDC), the exclusive importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, is set to open a world of exhilaration as it joins this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). MIAS will be home to the latest models from BMW and BMW Motorrad, as well as rare and iconic BMW automobiles and motorcycles, from April 5-8 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

“Under the theme ‘Work and Play,’ we are proud to host an especially curated exhibit of some of the best models from BMW at the Manila International Auto Show 2018,” says Maricar Parco, SMCACDC President. “The models that we will present truly embody not only this year’s concept, but also our promise of ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ in every journey.”


Visitors of MIAS are in for a visual feast as sought-after driving machines from BMW will be on display. The All-new BMW X3, the M division progeny BMW M2, the elegant four-door BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, the BMW S 1000 RR superbike, the urban dwellers’ favorite BMW G 310 R, and the first-ever BMW G 310 GS are among the exclusive highlights that will fuel the excitement.

Taking center stage and pumping additional adrenaline to the event will be a showcase of the most powerful letter in the world, the BMW M. BMW will unite the rich heritage of the brand’s celebrated performance division with present day innovations in precision and agility.

BMW 420d GC_a

The first success story of BMW in motorsport and dubbed as one of the best supercars ever made, the only BMW M1 in the Philippines, will make a rare appearance that shouldn’t be one to miss. This will be complemented by a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with one of the limited 200 units of the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, which imbibes the latest motor racing technology and unique design that render it track-ready and an exceptional collector’s item.

Apart from the slew of vehicles, guests will be able to unlock a dynamic experience when they visit the BMW Pavilion. A chance to win limited BMW gifts await the young and young at heart while they indulge in the exclusive BMW Lifestyle range, which will feature merchandise at special rates.

MIAS 2018 a

BMW is inviting everyone to discover exhilaration at MIAS 2018 from April 5 to 8 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.


For more information on BMW at MIAS 2018, visit the official Facebook page of BMW Philippines (BMW.Philippines).


About SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp.

SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. (SMCACDC) was appointed by the BMW Group as importer, distributor, and service provider of BMW automobiles in the country in 2017.

SMCACDC is a wholly owned Filipino company under San Miguel Corporation chaired by Mr. Ramon S. Ang. The group is recognized as one of the Philippines’s largest and most diversified conglomerates with businesses in beverages, food, packaging, fuel and oil, power, and infrastructure.

In the Philippines, BMW has the widest dealership network in the luxury vehicle segment with eight (8) full service dealer facilities nationwide. The brand also has a growing motorcycle business with five (5) BMW Motorrad dealerships.

SMCACDC is supported by BMW Group AG through its regional office in Singapore, BMW Asia Pte. Ltd.



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Edwin D. Reyes – 2017 BMW Friend of the Marque

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) founded in 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturer from Munich, Germany grew to become a motorcycle and engine manufacturing firm in the 1920’s. By 1928, the company ultimately went into building automobiles and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium automobiles and motorcycles. It’s entry in the Philippine market in 1993 delighted brand aficionados and enthusiasts. Since then, BMW in the Philippines has become one of the most sought after premium automobile brand in the country.

The success of the BMW Marque, signaled BMW AG to recognize brand owners worldwide by creating an official BMW Clubs Community. The clubs are subdivided by continent and region (Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific). Each BMW club is independent of BMW. Locally, the BMW Car Club of the Philippines (BMWCCP) is the only official car club of BMW in the country recognized by the International Council of BMW Clubs. Established in 2001, BMWCCP is under the Asian umbrella of the BMW Clubs Community.

BMW AG recognizes individuals who feel an affinity and passion for their brand – enthusiasts who value BMW not merely as a manufacturer of high quality products but equally as a friend and partner.

Last December 2017 in Taipei, the German automaker awarded the prestigious “BMW Friend of the Marque” recognition to a Filipino – Edwin D. Reyes. This title and recognition is the first ever to be given to a BMW enthusiast in South East Asia.

Edwin served as the immediate past president of the BMW Car Club of the Philippines. During his five year term of office (2010-2015), he instituted program of activities that brought the BMW Marque closer to the hearts and minds of the Filipinos. Activities that not only catered to brand enthusiasts but programs that also involved Community Service Related projects. Partnering and giving support to the Philippine Red Cross, The Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund Philippines.

Edwin says that when we have the capacity and resources to do more for the improvement of others we should do all we can. We should always be a positive inspiration, a ray of light and a symbol of hope.

With numerous accolades under his belt including the prestigious 2016 BMW International Club of the Year Award given to his club (BMWCCP), the recognition and title is very much deserved for all his hard work and accomplishments. Another gentleman that we can be very proud to call a Filipino!



BMW Friend of the Marque Award

BMW Club of the Year Award



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2018 MIAS Plays “The Greatest Show From Hyundai”

PASAY CITY, Manila – Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the Philippines’ official distributor of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles, is bringing “The Greatest Show From Hyundai” to this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) from April 5 to 8, 2018 at the World Trade Center.

MIAS is the biggest motor show in the country, which serves as a venue both for car buyers and car enthusiasts to witness the most-prized vehicles and latest technology from the country’s premiere auto makers.

Hyundai Omnibus_The Greatest Act

Aside from participating in the MIAS, HARI is taking this chance to unveil The Greatest Show From Hyundai, a must-see spectacle scheduled on April 5, the opening day of the MIAS. This is composed of a series of heart-stopping performances dedicated to Hyundai’s Four Great Acts: the all-new Hyundai Veloster, the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, and the new Hyundai Kona. These models have never been seen in the country before.

The Greatest Show From Hyundai is HARI’s way of going beyond the conventional car shows, as well as staying true to HARI’s “Beats Per Minute” creative handle. By incorporating performances from the heart-thumping Korean Buganda drumbeaters, Douglas Nierras’ Powerdance, and even one of the country’s rock music pillars, Jett Pangan of The Dawn, The Greatest Show From Hyundai is set to welcome MIAS eventgoers with a bang. These performances, aside from the pocket activities scheduled for the whole duration of the 4-day auto show, will surely make hearts beat faster with excitement since they were tailor-fit to let eventgoers further familiarize themselves with the different personas of Hyundai’s Four Great Acts. To top it off, MIAS-exclusive discounts and freebies will be offered to interested Hyundai car buyers, thus allowing them to pump up their drive and get more out of life.

HARI President and CEO Ms. Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo graciously served as the key performer in the “Greatest Show From Hyundai” by introducing the Four Great Acts. According to her, “We have gone beyond measuring the Revolutions Per Minute, for this is the real revolution: to boost your Beats Per Minute with excitement, to let you get more out of life, and to give more power to your very own beating heart.”

Meet the four new powerhouses from The Greatest Show From Hyundai, get discounts and even freebies by dropping by the Hyundai booth from April 5 to 8, 2018 at the 2018 Manila International Auto Show. Visit or follow Hyundai Philippines’ Facebook for more updates.

About HARI

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, is the third top ranking automotive firm in the country. Hailed four times as Hyundai’s Asia-Pacific Distributor of the Year (2005, 2006, 2008, and 2013), and twice as Hyundai’s Global Distributor of the Year (2010 & 2016), HARI boasts of a 42-strong dealer network, superior after-sales, dealer and customer relations support, and an enviable roster of best-selling vehicles.


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Pasay City—March 23, 2018—Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, brought together motorcycle enthusiasts as it unveils its new campaign of inspiring Filipinos to achieve their dreams at the Inside Racing Bike Festival, the country’s most prestigious motorcycle show, held recently at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Created under the theme “ONE DREAM”, this new communication campaign aims to unite all motorcycle riders to carry over the goal of uniting Filipinos by serving as a tool in helping people achieve their dream.

“Knowing that people strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations motivates Honda to continue with our efforts of helping them realize it,” said Mr. Daiki Mihara, President of HPI.

Through ONE DREAM, these efforts are reflected in Honda’s recent partnership with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA,) the most prestigious basketball league in the Philippines, for the Commissioner’s Cup. Basketball, being a part of the Filipino culture and their love for the sports, is just one of the highlights in HPI’s nationwide campaign to reach out to more Filipinos and touch on their interests. Still, this is just a portion of Honda’s various activities for ONE DREAM that Filipinos should watch out for in the coming months.

Another highlight is the showcase of HPI’s latest collection of spectacular Honda motorcycles of various segments, including The New Honda BeAT color variants and All-New PCX150 for the Automatic (AT) segment, The New CBR150R for the high on-road sports segment, and The All-New CRF150L for the off-road sports segment.

The New Honda BeAT is one of Honda’s Automatic (AT) models unveiled in the event. It now comes with its stylish new stripes nine exciting colors designed for the young, and fashionable, Filipino taste. It is engineered the trademark Honda Smart Technology which make for a smooth and easy riding experience with its Enhanced Smart Power (eSP.) With this, city riders specially the fun-loving millenials are poised to have a compelling, convenient and enjoyable city riding experience.

Meanwhile, Honda also boasts of its All-New PCX150, its flagship Automatic (AT) model among the commuter models. It exudes class and style with its elegant and premium design while maintaining a relaxing driving position for the rider. This high-end scooter was built to be sophisticated to the smallest details with its advanced features, such as the Smart Key System, Full LCD Dashboard, All-LED Lighting equipment with Hazard Lamp, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS,), ACG Starter and Idling Stop System, and more. All of these make for a luxurious ride for those looking to turn up their class.

Honda also unveiled a new color variant from the high, on-road sports segment – The New CBR150R in Mat Gunpowder Black, which now features a new stripes design that makes it more aggressive and speedy. It still boasts of the same MotoGP DNA, DOHC, 6-Speed Engine and advanced safety features such as the Bank Angle Sensor, which automatically switches off the engine when it reaches a near-fall angle. With its cool and convenient riding position, the rider can achieve comfort and total control for a more leisure ride active and fast-paced millenials would enjoy.

With Honda being a complete lineup manufacturer, the company also unveiled The All-New CRF150L from the off-road segment, geared for those who have adventurous and active lifestyles. It embodies the striking and aggressive image of the CRF250R, which makes riders courageous in undertaking off-road pursuits. It has a powerful 150cc engine, complete with a PGM-Fi system that delivers a high off-road performance. For comfortable rides during the toughest off-road challenges, The All-New CRF150L is built with an inverted front fork suspension that boosts on any road and provides maximum handling performance. For more off-road riding reinforcements, the bike is also equipped with a detachable mudguard and RR fender for a more aggressive look during trail adventures.

Aside from the latest motorcycles, HPI also introduces two of its newest Big Bike models during the event, namely the CBR1000RR FIREBLADE SP and HONDA CB1100EX, to complete its lineup of Big Bikes which were first launch last December 2017.

“Taking part in this event was an opportunity for us to showcase our motorcycles and Big Bikes and strengthen Honda’s position as a company with the latest innovations in the motorcycle industry,” said Mr. Mihara. “All of these innovations are spurred by The Power of Dreams.”

To learn more about the event and to know the latest information about Honda and its latest offerings, visit or like Honda’s official Facebook page at



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Unioil opens its first electric vehicle charging station

Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. (Unioil) has unveiled its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station on its newly-opened Unioil Solar Hybrid service station at Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City. The state-of-the-art Mitsubishi i-MiEV fully-electric vehicle and the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) were showcased during the event.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor, text and nature

Present during the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Unioil Vice President Noel Soriano, Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation (MMPC) Vice President for Business Planning and Public Relations Department Renato Lampano, and other guests.

"We commend Unioil for its initiative to showcase renewable energy in its first hybrid gasoline station. Like Unioil, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation is striving to reduce carbon footprint by developing technologies for improving fuel economy and electric-powered systems. The Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle (i-MiEV) and Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) are proof of this concept," Lampano said.

“We are very proud to open the first of many Unioil EV charging stations aimed at promoting the use of electric vehicles in the country. We invite everyone to visit our Unioil hybrid station to see and experience the future,” Soriano said.

This latest effort is part of Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign which the company launched in November to encourage Filipinos to make a difference in society through small, everyday actions and responsible decisions they make, including the decision to choose a cleaner fuel.

Unioil believes that climate change and environmental degradation are real threats to a sustainable future and quality of life. This is why it continues to lead the way in introducing the cleanest range of petroleum products by offering a complete line of Euro5 performance fuels in September 2017, making it the first petroleum company to upgrade all its fuel products to Euro 5 standard.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, Unioil has started operating its first “hybrid” service station which is partially powered by solar energy. The Unioil station along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City is equipped with the SmartflowerTM, the global leader in intelligent solar energy solutions that features an automated sun tracking technology, making it up to 40% more efficient than conventional fixed-type solar panels. Each SmartflowerTM unit reduces carbon footprint by 4.7 metric tons annually which is equivalent to planting approximately 5,000 trees per year.

For more information on Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign, visit or its Facebook page.

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Ford Ranger visit Gawad Kalinga in Cavite last December 2017 with online media…

Last december 2017 ford philippines huling hirit gift giving at gawad kalinga in cavite was a successful event together with selected online media. These four Ford Ranger was driven by selected online media and lend for almost a week for review and social travel. More often I can say that it’s a comfort riding on and off the road.

One of the Ford Philippines event last december 2017 was to cheer up homeless kids or without parents that would take care of them, but this time Ford Philippines invited us to witness their simple heartfelt move in cheering up and bring smile to the kids.

Opening remarks with Ford Philippines AVP EJ Francisco, Ford Philippines Staff and Media thanking the kids for attending the simple gift giving event of ford philippines. 

Me and my team mate assigned to distribute gift under the age of 10 years old, of course it’s a coed that is why the organizer put a two colors of ribbons – blue for the boys and pink for the girls. Each ranger filled with gifts for different age category, though the sun is shining so bright that I’m having difficulties to open wide my eyes I still manage to do selfie with my team.  

Aerial shot, in which the organizer pati and her colleague put the gifts in place where we can distribute them neatly for the kids.

Finally these kids got their gifts, Have you ever feel how they feel for such a simple gift it means a lot to them. A gift that give meaning of joy and love, a simple gift that pour out their world of need.

Seeing them happy is not just a simple thing we all brought to them, Kahit sa sandaling oras sa panahon ng pagmamahal at pagbibigay ng mga simpleng laruan ay isang malaking bahagi na ng kanilang buhay. A simple way of giving something to these kids it brings joy, not only to them but also to the giver.

Ford Philippines gives you the passion of being the best of the best, with Ford Ranger that is Built For Tough on whatever terrain on and off the road, with or without flood you can still Go Further.

After the time of gift giving at gawad kalinga we still have time for selfie with happy face.

A very fulfilling experience with Ford Philippines and Ogilvy, thank you for inviting and lending me a Ford Ranger.

With that this is Engr. John Cueto – TechPhoto Blogger of TechUpdateAsia and LarawanAtKape signing out for the year 2017 and signing in to the year 2018 saying Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.




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This Ranger brought me and my family to Pililla Windmill Farm in Tanay, Rizal. Comfort driving and a wonderful experience. #Built for Tough.

Also I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a good friend Paul Farol for recommending me to Pati Podolig of Ogilvy International who handled Ford Philippines.


#DailyStance launch it’s very first car and motor show at the district-imus cavite last 4th of September 2017.

DailyStance sticker and t-shirt are available from the organizer booth…

Click the link to watch the video of DailyStance Teaser…;

This is a extreme modification of a motor bikes to show from DailyStance…


Car entry models are very stunning, and so breezy…



From the DailyStance models… and a lot more are hotter … if you guys watch how they walk around the stage and invite you with their body language I tell you, glimpse is a big deal…

Car Clubs also participate to this event, to showcase what else we can do to dress up our car. Hyundai Accent hit the market not only because it uses for uber or grab, but to show the guests of the event that there so much you can do to your car that makes it look good. Modification like body kit, spoiler, head light, fog light and more, it depends on to your car theme, how creative you are that makes it extreme modifications.   

Elantra Club Philippines have 2 entries for DailyStance


Best in Engine modification also take part for judging the car show… 


Best in Sound modification give more points to the judges, just like 3 suv sound series. This is what I like the most. Just like this Toyota BB car , they really put effort on modify the sound system into something like this. This has Mixer, Monitors and Fog machine on it. Team Audionel did the great work just for this event. Please watch, just click the link below;    


The man behind and mastermind this car show event Jeff Abalos of South Auto Saloon, Jeff started on a car show too with B2B and other car show event. This man is very passionate with his hobby and obviously dress up his Hyundai Accent car. Congratulations to you Jeff Abalos for a dream come true.

With all the hard works and making deals to all of your sponsors and media partners you did excellent. 




DailyStance upcoming event;



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A true person of substance has a sharp eye for the best things in life. He has the wisdom to know when to work hard and play hard, when to flaunt and when to go low key.  In a world full of clutter, he can make an underrated beauty stand out and become a force to reckon with.

Get ready for a game-changer in the Philippines’ luxury vehicle segment – a car born with raw talent, bred to be graceful and poised under any circumstance, and trained to perform with smoothness and silence that can only be defined as “athletic elegance.”

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., the Philippines’ official distributor of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles, captivates the 2017 MIAS with a show-stopper, the Genesis G90.

The Genesis G90 is the flagship model of Genesis Motors, the luxury vehicle division of the Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea.

When Genesis designers set out to make the G90, they diligently studied that moment when an archer draws back the bow and prepares to unleash the perfectly balanced tension that propels an arrow to its target –  a perfect fusion of power and poise.     



The imposing front design of sleek headlamps and wide grille crowned by a magnificent winged-emblem make a sleek side silhouette that defines G90’s unique stance.

Beyond beauty, the G90 sports a gracefully muscular sculpture. Every millimeter of its body has been refined with tunnels for aerodynamics that allow a smooth drive as it cuts through the wind like a true star arriving with a grand entrance.



The G90 comes with a 5.0L GDI 32 Valve V8 from Hyundai’s award-winning Tau® family of engines that delivers 425 horsepower and robust 52.9kg-m of torque. Its advanced 8-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC® employs a new Smart Shift technology to ensure you are always in perfect gear depending on your driving preference – Smart, Eco, Sport and Individual driver-bespoke.



Even in the oldest of myths, the contender who is the most secure about himself always wins. The G90 raises the bar on security and safety with a body made with 51.7% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) that is designed to withstand collisions from any direction.  Aside from having adaptive suspension control (a marriage of integrated chassis control and electronic suspension control), the G90 has a brake system that offers smooth and stable deceleration and quicker responsiveness. It is also equipped with intelligent features that deliver a safe drive: Lane Departure Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Front & Rear Sensors, and the 9-Airbag System.



True luxury is never loud.  The G90 was crafted after the beauty of a flying arrow – sharp, swift and silent, which is evident in its interiors.  One can bask in the double soundproof glass and triple seal weather strips which make privacy and peace of mind easy to attain. It is like being in a world that is yours alone.

What’s more — the luxurious cabin space of the G90 sport a human-centered design using premium Nappa leather and rare hardwoods as its elements.  This Genesis-exclusive craftsmanship truly brings forth a total sensory experience.



Every drive is a welcome awakening of the senses.   From the advanced multimedia and navigation system (easily accessible with a 12.3” touchscreen display for the front seats, two 9.2” monitors for rear seats and two integrated control dials), multi-view camera, the 3-zone air conditioning system (to maximize the comfort of the driver, front passenger and back passengers), Lexicon® 17-speaker Quantum Logic® Surround Sound System (that makes you feel like you’re in a concert hall), to the wireless smartphone charging, you will feel like you are at the top of your game with the G90.

This translation of function into form led to the G90’s prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ award which was bestowed by an international jury of architects, design experts and cultural leaders for the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.


The Genesis G90 embodies a smarter, more progressive approach to luxury with innovation and styling seamlessly integrated into your life. It passes not the standards of automotive luxury, but the standards of becoming a valuable lifetime partner. Suggested Retail Price is P7,528,000 (final price upon arrival of the unit in the Philippines shall apply).

Be one of the few who possess the hallmark of true luxury. Visit or your nearest Hyundai dealership to learn more about the Genesis G90.


About HARI

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles in the Philippines, has been hailed four times as Hyundai’s Asia-Pacific Distributor of the Year (2005, 2006, 2008, and 2013), and Hyundai Global Distributor of the Year 2010. HARI boasts of a 42-strong dealer network, superior after-sales, dealer and customer relations support, and an enviable roster of best-selling vehicles, including the Grand Starex, Grand Starex Super Express, Santa Fe, Tucson, Veloster, Sonata, Elantra, Accent Hatchback, Accent Sedan and EON.


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