My Son JC enjoy a lot in visiting the kiddie zoo at manila zoo, malate manila. Other interesting are you got the chance to be with the wild birds and the like, just like the photo above.

On August 23, 2014, Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, a Private Zoological & Theme Park inside the facility of Manila zoo along Adriatico Street corner Quirino Avenue in the City of Manila will open its doors again to the media.

KZAJ Is highlighting two of its famous residents… The tortoise and the Hyacinth macaw.

At Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, the 50 year old “Mr. T” (Sulcata tortoise) is a land dwelling turtle.

The sulcata will live over 100 years old and its shell will grow to over 1 meter in length and weigh over 40 kilos. These tortoises eat grass, plants and cactus.

Unlike turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually look forward to being with humans.

You can feed a sulcata in kinderzoo. Watch how he easily breaks a carrot in two. Just be careful of his sharp beak. But he will not bite on purpose.

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is successful in breeding these tortoises. Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is proud to conserve 7 Hyacinth Macaw or Hyacinthine Macaw.

These macaws are the largest Macaw or largest flying parrot in the world. It is a parrot native to Brazil.

These parrots are considered endangered numbering approximately 4000 in the wild. Hyacinth macaws are known as the clowns of the parrot family due to its yellow skin that looks like they are constantly smiling and their natural disposition of being inquisitive and playful.

Visit these gigantic creatures in their aviary and watch how they will fly to you as you stand by their cage.

You can experience feeding these wonderful creatures. Just be careful of their beak.

They are so powerful with a crushing strength of 3000 lbs. per inch. Your finger will be like a matchstick to them. These 7 macaws have been in a big aviary for the past 5 years to make them grow and mature.

Sometime this year, Kinder Zoo will no longer display the macaws who have paired up and will set them up for breeding it its new breeding facility.

Kinder zoo and Adventure Jungle’s advocacy is to breed these endangered animals. About Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is an interactive zoological facility.

Most of the exotic animals on site can be fed or held. It is a rewarding experience where visitors go home with a greater appreciation for endangered animals.

Group and educational tours may be accommodated. There is also a facility for birthday parties and special events.

Kinderzoo Adventure Jungle is located inside the compound of the Manila Zoo, M. Adriatico St. cor. Pres. Quirino Ave. City of Manila.

Visitors will have to enter Manila Zoo to be able to purchase an entrance ticket to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle (Php 100.00).


Mr. T live (Sulcata tortoise) on the ground running around to get away from paparazzi – Media and Bloggers –. I was told that Mr. can mate up to seven times a day for about 30 to 40mins, if you see Mr. T live there is no way for you to think on how he can have sex to the female turtle of his kind.


Of course this event wouldn’t be possible with the big help of Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas – Blogger and Founder of Laguna Blogging Summit. Together with Pocholo our Master Voice.




One of kind experience, near with these kinds of birds are wonderful experience..


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Zoomanity Group: The Happiest Places Calendar of Activities for September 2014- Grace Bondad Nicolas

Zoomanity Group, the leading company under CEO Robert Laurel Yupangco that handles 6 Theme Parks in the Philippines; Zoobic Safari, Residence Inn Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol, Zoocobia in Clark Pampanga and Z Planet inside Star City will be participating as exhibitors and attendees to the following events in which they are inviting the public to support and participate also. Schedules below;

September 4-7 Food Franchising 2014 at World Trade Center

September 5-7 Philippine Travel Mart at SMX, Pasay

September 10-13 Asia Fiid Expo at World Trade Center

September 15- 16 HoReCa Makati Festival at Glorietta Activity Center

September 25- 27 Philippine Solar Summit in SMX, Pasay

September 25-27 Water Technology Philippines in SMX, Pasay

September 25- 27 Hotel Suppliers Show SMX, Pasay

Zoomanity Group have the Calendar of activities till the end of this year already to share happiness to all. Just recently Zoomanity Group had an exclusive dinner for Singer Stephen Bishop at Misono Japanese Restaurant along Jupiter, Street at Bel Air, Makati. The restaurant is also under the management of Zoomanity Group. There is also an ongoing promo for another singer who is coming this October 2014. Christopher Cross of the hit songs “Sailing and Arthurs Theme” will be in the Philippines and Zoomanity Group is inviting all of you to reminiscence again the memories.


Zoomanity Group the leading Company in theme park industry is part of the Yupangco Group of Companies. Envisioning world class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines with the goal of giving the best ever tourist destination and nature educational experiences. Our Facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages.

Zoomanity Group Advocacy: To make the Philippines one big green park!



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Vibal Foundation, the National Museum pay tribute to the life and art of master sculptor Isabelo Tampinco

MANILA, August 2014 – The famous facade of the Manila Cathedral, the high relief on Santo Domingo Church’s molave door, and the main altar at the Laoag Cathedral—these are just few of the masterpieces created by Isabelo Tampinco, one of the greatest Filipino sculptors. Known for his woodcarvings in churches, Tampinco endeavored to create a distinct Filipino style by infusing his carvings and sculptures with native flora and fauna designs, a classic style that would come to be known by his name.

This month, Vibal Foundation celebrates the artistry of Tampinco as it publishes The Life and Art of Isabelo Tampinco by Dr. Santiago Albano Pilar, a book that explores his life and the influences that molded the style he created. Tampinco presents a comprehensive gallery of his extant works as well as archival photographs of his lost masterpieces. While the ravages of war obliterated much of his work, what remains—showcased in the book—cements Tampinco’s status as one of the greatest Filipino masters.

For his exceptional talent and skill, Vibal Foundation and the National Museum gave tribute to the master sculptor during an event held last August 22 at the National Museum. Author Santiago Albano Pilar, who dedicated over ten years to his in-depth research on Tampinco’s life and works, graced the event and spoke to members of the press about how important it is to revisit the country’s past to further develop a national identity.

“Revisiting our past does not simply mean unlocking deep, dark secrets of how our country and our people used to be,” said Dr. Pilar. “It is a rediscovery of our rich cultural heritage and through hundreds of forgotten master artists, such as Isabelo Tampinco, an exquisite part of our heritage lives on which allows us to shape our society today.”

The event also allowed guests to tour the National Museum’s Fundacion Santiago Hall, which houses notable Tampinco sculptures dating back to the nineteenth century.

The launch of the book is another proud success for Vibal Foundation, Inc., the corporate philanthropy arm of Vibal Group. “The Vibal Group extends its commitment and responsibility by focusing on education in the broadest sense of the word and we believe that there is so much to be learned about our country and heritage,” said Gus A. Vibal, executive director of Vibal Foundation and president of the Vibal Group of Companies.

During the media launch, Vibal premiered a video documentary entitled Estilo Tampinco, which chronicles the rediscovery of the seemingly forgotten master. The video contains interviews with the author Santiago Albano Pilar; Jeremy Barns, director of the National Museum and editor of the book; and Tampinco aficionados and art collectors Ernie Salas and Don Conrado Escudero.

The Life and Art of Isabelo Tampinco is the latest art book under Vibal Foundation’s Arte Filipino series that includes The Life, Art, and Times of Damian Domingo; The Life and Art of Botong Francisco, The Life and Art of Lee Aguinaldo, The Life and Art of David Medalla, and The Life and Art of Francisco Coching.

The Life and Art of Isabelo Tampinco will be available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks, and other major bookstores nationwide. For inquiries and reservations, please call Vibal sales department at 712.9156 or email

For more information about Vibal Foundation, visit




In spite of a vivid historic obra of Isabelo Tampinco with deep research and restoration of every sculpture that Isabelo Tampinco finished product, nothing beats to have your own copy of Isabelo Tampinco historic obra.

I used to visit the national museum and I have no idea of who is Isabelo Tampinco is, all I know is that I do appreciate his work of art, during his time non ever think on how important personal work of art and be part of the history.  

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FUSION marries funk

Posted: 08/20/2014 in Fashion, LifeStyle, Shopping

hiding mickey

FUSION marries funk and class in one ‘eclectic’ trade show

Guests were treated to a classy yet modern lifestyle with frisky and colorful allure at the FUSION Lifestyle and Hello Dolly Trade Show slated last August 13 and 14, 2014, at the Manila Polo Club lobby.

The two-day event, organized by Canadian Manufacturing, put the spotlight on the union of the elegant with the modern; the sophisticated with the funky; the nude with the colorful; and the classic with the youthful. This eclectic mix was showcased in the exhibits that featured the company’s bed and bath lines and infants and kids apparel products.

“Lifestyle by Canadian has always committed itself to bringing the good life to our customers. This trade show highlights our commitment and more as we aim to give visitors an experience beyond the good life – that is, catering to their unique tastes and individual preferences,” says Ravi Daryanani, Managing Director.

Divided into six distinct show areas: A-List institutional area; Urban Living Premium and Basic area; Character Collection area; Pick n’ Go area; Modern Linens and Qualcom area; and Store Look area, the event was designed to attract and transport visitors to the wide variety of Canadian Manufacturing’s product lines.

Apart from the show areas, the event featured exciting activities for both young and young at heart.

“We intentionally mounted a ‘styling’ activity for those with creative spirit and eye for sophistication. Not to be left out are the ‘selfie’ kings and queens, who definitely enjoyed in the photo-op activity. The tech-savvy got their fill of the digital showcase we prepared especially for them,” explains Chand Daryanani, Sales and Marketing Manager of Canadian Manufacturing.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) savants got their creative juices going at the #MyBedroomStyle activity area, where they were given the opportunity to customize bedrooms to their liking. It gave a preview of what customers at home could experience when they log on to the company’s website, where a new built-in application now allows them to choose the style and color of their room wall that is fitting of the bed sheet they choose. At the activity area, customers had their masterpieces printed to take home as souvenirs or post them to their Facebook walls.

At the #FUSIONFeed activity area, hashtag enthusiasts had the chance to win special prizes for the most eye-catching tweets that creatively incorporated #ChangeIsComing, #Fusion, #PickNGo, #UrbanLiving, #Lifestyle2014, or #HelloDolly2014 into their Twitter and Facebook posts.

hug and honey

The company for the modern lifestyle

Featuring pre-loved and soon-to-be-loved infants and kids apparel, baby beddings, baby gift sets, towels, and bed and bath product lines from top brands such as Hello Dolly, Little Wishes, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Baby Einstein, Little Einsteins, among others, each area brought to the table what patrons of the products have come to love all these years, plus new product offerings that are sure to catch the eyes and capture the hearts of customers.

The trade show indeed reflects New Creation Manufacturing’s brand image as a company tailored to the Filipino consumer’s modern and eclectic lifestyle preferences. Established in 1956 as a manufacturer of infants and kids apparel locally under the brand name Hello Dolly, it soon expanded to market its products all over the globe.

In the ‘90s, it marked another milestone with the acquisition of licenses to market some of the world’s beloved brands such as Disney, Snoopy and Warner characters.

Today, New Creation Manufacturing, with its president Hiro Asandas at the helm, takes pride in being the exclusive licensee of the top apparel and beddings brands and carries sought-after character portfolio.

French Riviera kitty baby

What makes New Creation Manufacturing stand out is not only the brands they carry, but also the quality it puts into the creation of its products. It uses high-quality cotton for most of its products. Never stopping there, it has also recently acquired the official license from Cotton USA to manufacture all its products using USA Cotton.

New Creation Manufacturing is now singled out as one of the very few manufacturers who know their customers well. Whether it’s the latest apparel designs for babies and kids, or bringing pleasurable sleeping moments to the Filipino families, New Creation Manufacturing takes excellent products and quality service to a whole new level.



This is a one of kind history of a 90yo business owner Fusion that hit’s the gym everyday, a loving husband, a good father and grand father to his grand children Mr. Hiro shared to us during the last day exhibit of Fusion, and the most amazing is he is so familiar with some places in manila including the streets and establishments. For more than a decade Fusion stand and leading in the market for most Hotels and Department Stores like Rustan’s, Robinsons and the like.

Sir Hiro, I congratulate you for keeping your company in long life. In generation Fusion is now under management of his son and grand sons. Kudos to all of you. AMAZING!!


Did you ever think that he is a foreigner or a foreign investor that stays here in the Philippines? think again coz Sir Ravi here speaks very well tagalog and live his life here.

He is now taking care of the family business that starts in Juan Luna, Divisoria, Manila City.

Sir Ravi talks a lot about how the family  business started up to his education and where the Fusion standing now. Business partnered to his father and son, Quality boss I may say. A very inspiring and simple speech that Sir Ravi shared to us. Thank you Sir Ravi.

Happy 55th Year Anniversary to you and looking forward for more than 55th year of providing quality linens worldwide.   

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After a year-long of absence from the entertainment scene, JM DE GUZMAN is back!

JM de Guzman has gone through some personal matters that drove him away and took a year off from show business. He was last seen on TV in his own teleserye, entitled, “Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto” almost two years ago.

Now, the once considered “Prince Of Drama” is back on track with his latest single, “Have I Told You Lately” (an original by Rod Stewart). This is the third single from his second album, “Tensionado”.

Released under IVORY Music & Video, “Tensionado” is a collection of JM De Guzman’s renditions of his favorite songs featuring “Akin Ka Na Lang” by Itchyworms, “Lost In Space” by Lighthouse Family , “Don’t Give Up On Us” by David Soul and “Tensionado” by Soapdish. In addition, you surely wouldn’t want to let go of JM’s collaboration with Acoustic Diva, Suy, in their version of special track, “Terrified”.

JM De Guzman gets personal and bares it all as he includes two of his original compositions in this album. “Warrior” is an acoustic ballad about searching for one’s self in this endless journey we call love. On the other hand, JM sings about unrequited love in “Stupidest”.

JM De Guzman will soon be doing again “Tensionado” album mall tour. His latest single, “Have I Told You Lately” has began to capture the attention of the radio listeners as it is now included in the playlists of some radio stations.

It is indeed the indications that JM De Guzman is now ready for his comeback in the showbiz world, especially in the music scene!

JM de Guzman_Tensionado_album cover

“Tensionado” under Ivory Music & Video is available in music stores nationwide for only P250.00! Also available for download on iTunes & and via streaming on Spotify & Deezer!

Be updated with your favorite local and international artists! Visit IVORY Music & Video’s Facebook page at!





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Education is the most important inheritance a parent can give to their children, with proper guidance and right up bringing, a child can never go wrong with his or her decisions.

Paseo Verde 03

This holds true in the case of these two students. At a very young age they persuaded their parents to buy them a condominium unit at Paseo Verde in Las Piñas City.

A mid rise condominium located South of Metro Manila interest the two students, Doreen Joy Rosell and Maria Jessica Bello both students from FEU, because of its unique features that Paseo Verde offers to its unit owners. The bike facilities and electronic bike charging is just one feature that the condominium offers, it also has park and play ground of its own located in its premises. Plus the certified accreditation by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council for its steps toward promoting a sustainable community.

Presently, the awareness in promoting and living in an eco friendly place is the current fad among young people today. They want to give their contribution in protecting the environment and helping it in their own way.

One of the student said that “It is nice to live in a place where you can see trees and green grasses outside your window and gives you the feeling that you’re away from the city.”

The other lass said “South is the place that are being heavily developed, soon it will or might become the new business hub, since most of the place in Metro Manila is already full. The opportunity could be right here. And this is not a loss it could also be a gain for me, because I see this as my first investment.”

In the end, they are positively sure that after they graduated and find the right job, they know that it’s their turn to pay the rest of the monthly payment.



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2 copy

SM Supermalls gives away 10 fully-furnished SMDC condominium units to lucky shoppers

SM launches its latest and grandest offering with the Shop & Win Condo Promotion where for a minimum of P1,000 purchase along with an E-Plus, SM Advantage, Prestige or BDO Rewards card entitles shoppers to a raffle entry for a chance to win 1 of 10 condo units. Shown in photo are SM top executives during the press launch last June 24, 2014 at the SMDC Grand Showroom, MOA Complex, Pasay City. (L-R) Baldwin Golangco, President, SM Advantage Card; Jomari Banzon, Executive Vice President of

SM Development Corp.; Hans T. Sy, President, SM Prime Holdings, Inc.; Steven Tan, Senior Vice President, SM Supermalls; and Edgar Tejerero, President, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc.


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Aiza Seguerra signs with Universal Records

Multi-platinum recording artist Aiza Seguerra signed a recording contract with her new record label Universal Records yesterday, July 11.

The signing was attended by (L-R) Annabelle Regalado-Borja, manager of Aiza, Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go, Aiza, Universal Records Operations Manager Peter Chan, and Universal Records Head of Music Production Ito Rapadas.

Aiza is set to release a new album before the end of the year.





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Posted: 07/12/2014 in SM


Think your denim utters nary a word about you? We beg to differ.

Take bell bottom jeans, for example. These pants, with their iconic bell-shaped hems, were introduced innocently enough—sailors in the U.S. Navy first wore them in the 19th century. By the late 1960s, however, these exaggerated flares had been adapted by fashion-forward teenagers, not only as adolescent garb, but also to show a generation’s counterculture sensibilities. Even today bell bottoms speak so symbolically that they’ve become a key emblem of the 1970s, as much as a tie-dye headband.

Sporting bell bottoms in modern times isn’t out of date, but simply retro-chic, depending on your overall sense of style. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of other denim options—from skinny jeans to colored jeans—that speak volumes, too.

So what are the new fashion rules for wearing denim? Just one: DENIM RULES!

Jeans, in all their body-contouring comfort, can be worn everywhere—from the office to after-work parties. Whether you want to live in denim at work or play, the key is adapting jean-altering trends to suit your own style.

What do your jeans say about you? From revealing classical leanings to trend-spotting clues, we’ll tell you how your jeans are spilling the beans. But first, we’ll look at the different types of jeans out there.


Strutting your stuff in skinny jeans means one thing: You enjoy showing off your body. Skinny jeans say, “I want to attract attention,” and they do. Caution: Skinny jeans are for slender and fit bodies only. Wear a long top either tucked in or worn on the outside to avoid a “whale’s tail” fashion disaster (a.k.a your underwear showing)


Boot-cut jeans are just a step above “mom jeans”. In other words, they make for a flattering look, but they’re not exactly trendsetting. Boot-cuts say you’re not willing to push the envelope, but you’re also not willing to be completely left behind. How to make them cool? Wear them with a more modern shoe and funky accessories to liven up the look.


As in, jean-leggings. These super-slim pants are often manifestations of personality traits like being ultra-trendy and having a youthful flair. But, keep in mind that they are best worn by slim guys and gals. Jeggings are very useful since they have a “tights” effect. They are great with voluminous, long and multi-layered tops.


The bell-bottom wearing woman is one who appreciates the “vintage” look. But they work mostly for people who have some height to their frames. Word to the wise: Bell-bottoms paired with a fitted top will draw attention to the waistline.


Why live on just blue alone? A colored jean suggests whimsy and fun with a bit of “I’m not afraid to experiment” mixed in. Just avoid going monochrome—yellow over yellow, for instance, is a fashion disaster waiting to happen. How to wear it: Since the colored denim will take center stage, pair it on top with neutrals and clean lines.

Finding that elusive, yet perfect jean for your body type and personality can take a lot of time. Luckily, SM Supermalls will be holding a month-long jeans festival this July. Celebrating fashion that never goes out of style, SM will showcase a wide variety of events for denim lovers everywhere.

Check out THE DENIM BAR and get stylish ideas to rock your denims. The goal is to create the perfect outfit for you from their wide selection of jeans as well as tops, shoes and accessories.

See the latest styles and the hottest models at THE DENIM RUNWAY, a fashion show dedicated to all this denim.

Find denim on sale in every style at THE DENIM HUB, a bustling bazaar featuring all your favorite jean brands.

And finally, with THE DENIM LOOK BOOK, follow the country’s most popular fashion bloggers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how they style their denims.

Get the style inspirations and trend updates. Join the hippest fashion events. Be part of THE DENIM MOVEMENT this July at SM Supermalls.

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“Initiating a future-oriented, mixed-use metropolis, NUVALI nurtures the promise of a distinguished legacy”

Steeped in rich history, NUVALI was once part of the Friar Lands in the 1800s, subsequently acquired by an enterprising group of Americans who developed the property as a sugar plantation at the turn of the century. Lawyer and statesman Jose Yulo acquired the property in 1948, ushering the sugar estate into agro-industrial peace and prosperity. In the mid-70s, the Yulo’s introduced a major planning initiative re-allocating the uses of the land. Industrial, residential and recreational developments were established, beginning a new chapter in responsible stewardship of the property.

Today, guided by a new vision, NUVALI unlocks the potential for both future and existing communities. Situated in the burgeoning Southern Luzon corridor, NUVALI’s vast topography is surrounded by local flourishing communities, shops, schools, sports, centers, parks and hospitals. These and the rich cultural heritage of the region makes NUVALI a part of an exciting thriving district. Initiating a future-oriented, mixed-use metropolis, NUVALI nurtures the promise of a distinguishing legacy, assuring that the land’s history of productivity and success continues for generations to come.

With over 50 years of experience in real estate, Ayala Land, Inc. Has earned a reputation as the country’s leading real estate developer. The company aspires to build top-class products and services, move with scale, and maintain strict financial discipline throughout the company, recognizing that the satisfaction of its customers, patrons, shareholders, and other stakeholders remains the ultimate measure of its success.

NUVALI is a collaboration between Ayala Land, Inc. And the Yulo Family , a merging of efforts to transform the Yulo’s 1,860 hectare property in Canlubang, Laguna into a wholly sustainable community development. The land is divided into three parcels – Ceci, Aurora, and Vesta – and is within one of the most rapidly urbanizing regions in the country. Ayala Land and the Yulo’s recognize the rich potential of this land and advocated its use of establishing a strong future.

Location and Transportation

Existing Commercial, Recreational, Educational and Residential establishments in NUVALI



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