Posted: 06/24/2013 in LifeStyle

About Skinrejuve

We are an aesthetic skin care clinic which utilizes a professional medical staff consisting of only doctors and advance practice registered nurses. We utilize “Gold Standard” technology and products for each procedure we provide, for every type of skin, which assures you effective, results-oriented treatments. Our primary concern is always your safety.

We understand that cosmetic medicine is complex and that people’s requirements and desired outcomes vary. This is why we offer our visitors a complimentary, informative and private consultation with no obligations. During your consultation we suggest possible treatments tailored specifically to your needs and budget, which can then be provided at reasonable and competitive prices. Following your treatment(s) and with any subsequent treatment(s), you can rest assured that you will receive ongoing personalised care.

We offer modern cosmetic medicine in all its forms. We use technologically advanced lasers, other light (IPL) machines and equipment to provide a comprehensive range of treatments including dermal filling and wrinkle prevention injections, collagen regeneration and facial enhancing treatments, mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation and mesotherapy/lipodissolve for fat and cellulite reduction. We also specialise in treatments for acne and acne scarring, and offer therapeutic skin care products for medical facials and skin peels. For hair removal, we use the most effective lasers and the powerful Starlux 500 IPL, plus offer waxing and electrolysis.


Skin Rejuve is envisioning to be one of the key industry player on the category of beauty enhancement & wellness improvement which utilizes top of the line technology aesthetic beauty and wellness machines.


The company will exist to:

• Offer spa and beauty treatment and services that delivers effective treatments utilizing state of the art technology specifically to age group 18 and up, and on special cases to people with specific skin needs across all ages

  • Sell beauty products that are proven to deliver result at a reasonable price.
  • Impart meaningful employment to employee through continued training
  • Contribute to local community’s improvement of life through life changing experience.

From Skin to Within.

Our registered nurse cares about the whole you. During the complimentary, one-on-one health assessment, we evaluate related medical problems that may interfere with your treatment, give you recommendations to consider or refer you on to an outside source for consultation or treatment if necessary.



I have tried the new slimming capsule of skin rejuve, with my outfit I don’t think that I need to slim, but because I wanted to experience the new slimming capsule of skin rejuve it’s a must that I have to try it.

SkinRejuve services are, follow the link;

Skin Rejuve will take care of you…

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